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Fresno, California 2021-10-12 21:26:49 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Reefer Miller was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago but had to undergo surgery at a community community medical center last year.

In an interview provided by CRMC, Miller said the ulcers needed to be removed from the right foot.

“I tried to cut out the infected one, but the next day it became so widespread that they informed me that we would have to amputate your entire leg,” he said. “So it was either it or dying.”

I spoke with Dr. Sammy Siada, a vascular surgeon who operated on Miller.

It’s a sad situation because Dr. Siada said amputation of Reefer’s leg might have been avoided.

“His diabetes became a secondary priority because he was young and energetic, he had no access to health care and couldn’t afford health care if he wanted,” he said. Told.

Dr. Siada said the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult for reefer to access medical care.

Miller, who worked in the office, says his lack of stable income and high insurance costs prevented him from effectively treating his diabetes.

“Yes, I have some benefits, but I can’t really afford the high price of insulin,” he said.

Unfortunately, Dr. Siada states that this type of scenario is a common problem for the minority community around the valley.

“There is a significant amount of health inequalities, especially racial and ethnic inequalities,” he said. “Hispanic and African American patients tend to have higher poverty and higher unemployment.”

Despite his health challenges, Reefer Miller remains cheerful about his future.

Dr. Siada sees a doctor for a postponed test for many people with diabetes who have heart and other health problems, especially if they have already been vaccinated against COVID. It’s a good opportunity to get a vaccination.

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Valley doctor urging preventative healthcare visits amid pandemic Source link Valley doctor urging preventative healthcare visits amid pandemic

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