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Fresno, California 2022-05-20 20:20:55 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-People are so worried about COVID that they may not realize that a devastated sensation, cough, or fever is actually the flu.

Influenza cases began to surge in March and haven’t stopped, according to Valley doctors.

“It’s always on the rise, unlike when there was a surge in Omicron,” says Dr. Dee Lacey.

Dr. Lacy is an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente Fresno.

She expected more people to become infected with the various viruses as the state-wide mask obligations were lifted and people began to gather in large groups again.

“Everything we enjoy because it allows us to return to a more normal life increases our risk to all respiratory viruses,” she said.

Surprisingly, school-aged children are behind this flu surge.

“It’s not the typical elderly people who are usually treated in the emergency department for influenza,” said Dr. Rais Vohra, director of health at Fresno County. “This is actually being driven by a group of 0-17 years old, so it seems like something that could actually cause an outbreak in school.”

Dr. Vola reminds parents to stay home if their child is ill.

We asked Dr. Lacy if the rise in case rates indicates that this year’s flu vaccine was ineffective, or if enough people have not been vaccinated.

“I’m still not sure if the vaccine is effective,” she said. “They usually tell it at the end of the season.”

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Valley doctors continue to see increase in flu cases Source link Valley doctors continue to see increase in flu cases

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