Vanderbild’s doctors emphasize the confusion of influenza and COVID-19 cases.Explain the role of “tests” in learning details – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — Health officials consider the flu season to be the “official” start in just a few weeks, with strong warnings from the CDC and local health professionals.
Both flu and COVID-19 can cause a “cold”.

Infectious disease specialists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center told News 2 that testing is key for providers learning important and distinguishable symptoms between the two illnesses.

“They can cause both mild and more serious illnesses. Providers do a lot of testing for influenza and COVID and try to sort it all out,” said Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. William Schaffner, one of the leading infectious disease specialists in the United States, said.

“We anticipate a twin epidemic. Both [influenza and COVID-19] They are present at the same time, and of course both are respiratory viruses … they are equally transmitted and clinically present in a similar way, “he said.

Schaffner said similarities would undoubtedly confuse both patients and healthcare providers.

News 2 spoke to a woman in Hendersonville who was diagnosed with the flu two weeks ago.

Madison Lee said her symptoms urged her to rush to a nearby hospital.

“I’m really tired. I have a headache. It’s really crowded. Everywhere hurts and I feel like I can’t do anything.”

Lee said he thought he would test positive for COVID-19. When her test returned, negative-the doctor sent her home, believing she had a sinus infection.

A few days later, Lee found out that he wasn’t getting better, so he went back to the doctor.

The doctor tested her for the flu and the test was positive for the infection.

“I was really shocked, I didn’t expect it all,” Lee said.

According to Schaffner, cases of influenza will begin to appear further in the coming weeks.

He added that patients could even get both illnesses. Therefore, he said he recommends that everyone wear a mask and get the flu vaccine.

“Because we are not the’spreaders’ of the flu, it not only benefits us and everyone around us, but we are already dealing with COVID, so we bear some burden from the healthcare system. Will get rid of. “

See News 2 for continued coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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