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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) —Can a person previously infected with COVID-19 help the patient fight the virus through the blood?

This is a question that researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center want to find through their research. Dr. Toddrice and his COVID-19 team are carefully examining antibodies in plasma to see how the spread of the virus is blocked.

“It’s as if they lined up and got the antibodies faster,” said Dr. Rice.

Dr. Rice said it was important for patients to infect patients fast enough to receive plasma transfusions before they could develop their antibodies.

“We’re almost slowing enrollment in the trial just because we don’t have enough plasma to keep enrolling at the rate we were,” Dr. Rice said.

Dr. Rice said this is a complex process, as only about a quarter of donors have enough antibodies that are strong enough to fight the virus.

“The plasma of some people doesn’t block the virus well and we don’t use it,” Rice said.

To make things even more difficult, it is difficult to find a specific blood type that matches the powerful plasma unit.

“Part of what we’re learning is what part of the virus the antibody must counter to block the virus,” said Dr. Rice.

Dr. Rice wanted to donate 1,000 for his research, which he estimates will end by March. Currently he has only about half of that participation.

Dr. Rice said his team is calling on strong plasma donors to see if they come back to give them many times. However, a person can donate only a limited number of times before the antibodies in the sample weaken.

A single donation can provide 3-4 units of plasma, reducing the number of people participating in the study.

Dr. Rice said his research suggests that antibodies help fight the virus, but he proves that plasma is why people are getting better and faster. Waiting for a definitive answer to do.

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