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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — After standing on West End Avenue for 55 years, the two oldest residential towers at Vanderbilt University were demolished, giving way to new construction.

Metropolitan police blocked traffic around 8 am as the crowd claimed their location to watch the show. “It’s fun. I’ve never seen it before,” said Ruth Alwes, who graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1983.

Ruth and her husband Kenny were also VU graduates and had never lived in any of the 14 stories of Carmichael Towers, but there were still many stories from within.

“Yes, I spent some time there,” Ruth said.

“It was the wildest and most drunken bash I’ve ever been to. It was called the Bullfrog Party,” Kenny said.

Other stories may be best left to history. “These brain cells are gone all the time,” Kenny joked.

So, as the old dorms became history, people of all ages couldn’t resist seeing it go down.

Please see the implosion below.

“Oh, that’s amazing,” said 11-year-old Kaidens Schulen, who came out to see the blast.

When the dust and debris are gone, a new boarding college will take the place. “These dorms needed to be blown up. They were dated and done back to that day. It’s time for something new,” Ruth said.

The replacement dormitory will be ready in 2024. Little Kaidens will begin a tour of the college campus a few years later. “I only see this big building, which took a long time to build, collapse in just a few seconds,” she said.

And when she gets to Vanderbilt, she can talk about the day when the old one collapsed and something new happened. “The rising new and the ones they are making room for are amazing,” Ruth said.

Vanderbilt’s Carmichael Towers East demolished in controlled implosion Source link Vanderbilt’s Carmichael Towers East demolished in controlled implosion

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