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Nashville, Tennessee (AP) — Women’s footballer Sarahler is practicing with the Vanderbilt Football team, and Derek Mason told Missouri on Wednesday that it was a good option to be a Comodors kicker on Saturday. ..

“She is very good at soccer balls. She seems to be pretty good at soccer, so I’ll take a look,” Mason said. “Currently, I keep all options open. If I get the chance, I have the opportunity to see what she does on Saturday.”

Mason said his Commodore (0-7) had health problems with their professionals. Vanderbilt declined to comment on players who tested positive for COVID-19 or were in quarantine. Junior Pearson Cook has a field goal of 3 to 7 this season, backed by Junior Wesfarley.

Fuller, a senior in Wylie, Texas, made three saves last weekend as Vanderbild confused top-seeded Arkansas 3-1 in women’s football to win the Southeastern Conference tournament tile. It was.

Mason said he had contacted his best friend, soccer coach Darren Ambrose, to see if Fuller could work as an option. He saw Fuller kicking both on the tee off and in the field goal on Tuesday.

“I just wanted to see how strong her legs were, and I can tell you that she has strong legs,” Mason said. “We’ll see what it brings. That is, I’m not going to talk about it in terms of distance. I go there and do the same every day to assess exactly where she’s sitting. I got something like … She seems to be a pretty good option. “

No women have appeared in SEC football games or Power5 teams.

Liz Heatston became the first woman to play in a college football game on October 19, 1997, adding two points to Willamette at NAIA. Ashley Martin was the first woman to play in a Division I match on August 30, 2001, adding three points to Jacksonville in the current Football Championship subdivision.

Katie Hnida was the first woman to score at the top level of Division I on August 30, 2003, adding two points to Texas State University San Marco after starting her career in Colorado. She missed an additional point against UCLA at the Las Vegas Bowl in December 2002.

April Goss scored additional points in the first half of Kent State University’s 45-13 victory over Delaware on September 15, 2015. This made her the second woman in the Football Bowl Subdivision Game.

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