Vanessa Bryant Condemns Unapproved Release of Mambacita Nike Shoes

Courtesy of Vanessa Bryant / Instagram

I called. Vanessa Bryant Nike was blamed after the “unapproved” sneaker “Mambacita” was released online.

The 39-year-old mother initially worked with the brand to design shoes in honor of her late daughter, Janna Bryant. Died in a helicopter crash Alongside Kobe Bryant in January 2020.

Vanessa, who chose not to renew her contract with her husband Nike, who died in April 2021, went to Instagram on Wednesday, June 3, to share shocks and concerns about the look of the shoes.

“This is a shoe made in honor of my daughter Janna. It was going to be called Mamba Theta’s shoe as the exclusive black and white colorway of her dad’s shoe. I put it on her uniform. I chose the colors in honor. No. 2 wore like her uniform. “She started with the caption. It first appeared in her Instagram story and then in her Instagram grid.

She continued: “Mamba Theta shoes are not approved for sale. I wanted to donate all of my proceeds to the @mambamambacitasports Foundation and sell them in honor of my daughter, but renewed my contract with Nike. I decided not to sell these shoes without signing. (Mambasita shoes were not approved for production in the first place). “

Vanessa questioned that “someone else is picking up the shoes I designed,” but she and her daughters haven’t received a pair. She concludes her statement as follows: @Nike”

Vanessa Bryant accuses Nike of releasing unapproved Mambacita shoes
Courtesy of Vanessa Bryant / Instagram

After the information was posted on both Twitter and Instagram, fans identified several instances of shoe sales, and Vanessa reposted them to Instagram Stories. One tweeted: “You look at a store called Footpatrol in the UK. Hey hey heyPlease sleep “

Instagram account @kicksoncourtph also shared a photo of Bucks player Khris Middleton wearing the Nike Kobe 6 Protro’Mamba Forever’during the Eastern Conference quarterfinal match against the Miami Heat.

Vanessa is also asking for additional information.She captioned the postIn her Instagram caption, “It would be great if someone could share how they own these shoes …”

Back in April, she joined Instagram and announced her decision not to renew her 18-year contract with her late husband Nike.

“Kobe’s contract with Nike expired on April 13/21. Kobe and Nike have produced the most beautiful basketball shoes ever loved and loved by fans and athletes of all sports around the world. Many NBA players seem to be better off wearing my husband’s product than any typical shoe, “she writes.

Vanessa added: That’s why I keep fighting. Kobe products are sold out in no time. Tells everything. I wanted to build a lifelong partnership with Nike that reflects my husband’s legacy. We always do everything we can to respect the heritage of Kobe and Gigi. It never changes. “

Weekly Asked Nike for comment, but didn’t respond.

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Vanessa Bryant Condemns Unapproved Release of Mambacita Nike Shoes

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