Vanessa Guillen supporters to protest at Cecily Aguilar hearing – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-16 17:37:31 –

Gillen’s supporters are scheduled to protest in front of the courthouse on Wednesday, demanding that Aguilar remain imprisoned for her alleged role in death and disappearance.

A motion to destroy the confession of Cecily Aguilar, a woman accused of helping dismantle and dispose of Vanessa Gillen, a soldier in Fort Hood, Texas, was rejected by a judge on Wednesday.

Aguilar has been charged with tampering with documents or procedures and conspiracy to tamper with documents or procedures for her role in Gillen’s death and disappearance in April 2020.

She appeared in front of Judge Alan D. Olbright on Wednesday and ruled a motion to abandon her confession and dismiss the case.

Aguilar’s lawyer, Luis Gainer, petitioned in late March to revoke Aguilar’s statement about Gillen’s death. Gainer alleged that Aguilar’s fourth amendment was violated because she was illegally detained. According to the motion, officers also did not advise Aguilar on her Miranda rights. In response to a motion filed by Aguilar’s lawyer, prosecutor Mark Frazier argued that the defense’s allegations that Aguilar was not properly milanded were not supported by the facts of the case or by law. ..

Prior to the judge’s decision, the court heard more than two hours of testimony, including an interview with Aguilar on the night when Texas Ranger and Waco police officers reportedly confessed to her. The court was also shown a video of an interview with Aguilar.

The judge decided to deny her move following testimony and video, repeatedly admitting on the camera that she was not detained against her will, which helped her case, She was reportedly confessed because she thought she would be able to go home. News reporter Jasmine Caldwell.

Relation: Cecily Aguilar’s defense wants to withdraw all charges due to her alleged role in Vanessa Gillen’s death.

Relation: Attorney’s petition to destroy the confession made in the Vanessa Gillen murder

The defense also filed another motion in late April calling for a complete dismissal of Aguilar’s indictment. The motion alleges that the indictment lacked specificity, did not state the crime, and charged the same crime with multiple counts. Aguilar’s defense alleges that the indictment does not contain any other alleged de facto grounds or allegations.

However, US Attorney General Darryl Fields told Six News that the judge did not intend to put it on the agenda on Wednesday and will be decided at a later date.

According to the post, Gillen’s supporters protested in front of the court during the advent of Aguilar, demanding that Aguilar remain imprisoned.

According to a criminal accusation in the case filed on July 2, 2020, Aguilar helped her boyfriend Spc. Aaron Robinson dismantled and buried Gillen’s body near the Leon River in April 2020 after killing Fort Hood’s Gillen with a hammer in Fort Hood’s arsenal on April 22.

Gillen’s body was found on June 30th. Robinson committed suicide early July 1 as Killeen police approached him after leaving Fort Hood.

Vanessa Guillen supporters to protest at Cecily Aguilar hearing Source link Vanessa Guillen supporters to protest at Cecily Aguilar hearing

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