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Raleigh, NC (AP) — Andrei Vasilevskiy closed another postseason series by rejecting all shots. And he is more and more stingy …

Raleigh, NC (AP) — Andrei Vasilevskiy closed another postseason series by rejecting all shots. And as the current Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay advances into the playoffs, he’s become even more sneaky on the net.

The 26-year-old goalkeeper won a 2-0 victory against the Carolina Hurricane on Tuesday, marking the third consecutive shutout victory.

Other than the one-second wild period in Game 4, Vasilevsky rarely made mistakes or gave up on simple things.

“Everyone needs to win the playoffs,” Vasilevsky said. “I can’t be one or two. The other guys have to do their best every night. I gave up four in the last game and got six points. This game has two points. I just got it and didn’t give up anything. So that’s great teamwork. “

That may be the case, but it certainly begins with a steady play at Vasilevsky’s creases.

He stopped 68 out of 70 shots in the first two games of the series, helping Tampa Bay win on both roads, just as Lightning started the first round series with Florida. When shut out with 29 saves on Tuesday, Vasilevsky surrendered only two goals with 99 shots in three games in the series.

This caused the hurricane to struggle to create breaks or lucky bounces beyond Basilevsky from the start of the series to the finale on Tuesday.

“He has made some timely saves,” said Carolina captain Jordan Staal. “A good goaltender does, and he gives us momentum and spectators. He did a good job not to get involved. “

His biggest save was when he knocked down Carolina’s Vincent Trochek with a 2 to 1 short hand chance.

“Sometimes mistakes can be made, and that’s one of them,” Vasilevsky said. “I just tried to play normal 2 to 1 and tried to understand the opponent as soon as possible. The guy made a good shot. And I don’t know. I just tried to react to it. Hey. It was an awkward knuckleball. I think I touched it with gloves and pads. I don’t even remember. “

The stop almost immediately led to Braden Point’s first goal in the men’s advantage.

Vasilevsky defeated Dallas 2-0 in Round 6 of last year’s Cup final, scoring 22 saves and shutting out for the first time in the postseason. He then defeated Florida 4-0 in the sixth match of the first round series and saved 29 in the fifth match on Tuesday until he matched the sum.

The former winner of the Vegina Trophy for the NHL’s top goalkeeper is the finalist for this award. And he scored 16 goals in the first five games against the Panthers, but nine points in the following six games.

Following Tampa Bay in the NHL semifinals, the winner of the New York Islanders vs. Boston Bruins series.

At the end of Tuesday’s match, Carolina coach Rod Brind Amur, who won the cup as captain of the hurricane in 2006, stopped at a post-series handshake event to pay tribute to Vasilevsky.

“I’ve seen a lot of great goalkeepers, but he’s better than any goalkeeper I’ve ever seen,” Brind’Amour said. “And then go back to Dominique Hasek and think about how he influenced the team and how they played. It’s just like I told him. That’s true. . He makes them look easy. “


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