Vaughn defends public works director after misappropriation claim – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-11-30 19:45:01 –

Former Nueces County Commissioner on Tuesday defended the County Commissioner recently accused of misappropriating public resources.

Juan Pimentel, the county’s director of public works, is facing complaints about misusing the county’s funds, personnel, and materials to rebuild his father’s driveway. A county commission court discussed hours of frequent hot complaints in a public session on November 18.

Pimentel and his lawyer, Chris Gale, claimed that he did not specifically instruct anyone to complete the work of his father’s property. They said the work was part of a project to clean up Culvert in northwestern Nueces County, where Pimentel’s father “accidentally” lived.

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Juan Pimentel, director of public works in Nueces County, is facing complaints about misusing county funds, personnel and materials to rebuild his father's driveway.

In the process, his father’s mailbox and driveway were accidentally destroyed, and workers replaced them with temporary or inferior materials, Pimentel and Gale said.

Former District 1 Commissioner Carolyn Bourne addressed the Commissioner in public comments at a public meeting on Tuesday.

Bourne, who lost his bid to Corpus Christi in 2020, said he was “disappointed” in how commissioners handle complaints and that the information given to them may not have been fully “scrutinized.” rice field.

Carolyn Bourne, who represented District 1 of Nueces County until she lost her reelection bid in 2020, will speak at the Corpus Christi Police Officers' Association forum on Thursday, September 25, 2020.

During his tenure, Mr. Bourne asked Pimentel to work on three poorly drained county roads, and said he was worried about working on one of the roads because his family lived there.

“And I said,’It doesn’t matter who lives on the road. Everyone on the road pays taxes. They pass by people who live on the road and they are familiar with them. I won’t fix it, “Vorn said.

Vaughn defends public works director after misappropriation claim Source link Vaughn defends public works director after misappropriation claim

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