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VB mayor proposes holding referendum one night before state could change city voting system – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-02-24 00:55:20 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) —Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dier, along with several members of the city council, makes a final effort to prevent state legislators from changing the city’s voting system without the opinion of voters. doing.

At a city council work session on Tuesday, Dier expressed support for holding a city-wide referendum in November to evaluate a referendum on how the city currently elects leaders. Announced that it will send a letter to its leaders.

Dier issued a statement within two hours after the Republican allies of the Virginia Senate fought hard to even give him the opportunity to write the letter. Senate Democrats have pushed back the motion of Senator Jen Kigans (R-Virginia Beach) and postponed the final vote. Bill to be one-sided Outlaw current voting settings for Virginia Beach..

The battle over how members of the City Council and Virginia Beach Board of Education are elected is nothing new.So much A federal proceeding to question the legality of Virginia Beach’s voting system is also pending...

For over 50 years, all voters in the city have been able to vote for all 11 council members — seven of them representing a particular district.

Del, the first sponsor of the bill. KellyConvirs-Fowler (D-Virginia Beach) said that this method is “voter’s” because candidates can now get the support of all the people in the district they represent, but they can lose the election. I will deprive you of my rights. “

But people in the business, tourism and agricultural communities have the ears of all councils and have fought to maintain the current system. Under the district system, they only have five.

The Converse Fowler bill, which has already passed the House of Representatives, will force the city to adopt a single-seat constituency system in the short term.

“We are in a very difficult situation,” Dier said. “I wish I had a little more opportunity to discuss this.”

In August 2020, Dier was one of the six councilors who voted against the proposal to hold a referendum on the city’s voting system in November. A majority of the council said the issue was “too complex” to throw at voters with such a sudden notice.

Deputy Mayor Jim Wood (Linhaven District) agreed that the city decided to hold a referendum in November in February, giving the city more time to prepare for its education campaign.

Dier, Wood, Councilor Rosemary Wilson, and Councilor Michael Berlucki all spoke in support of Dier’s letter. We expect the state legislature to vote against the bill to wait for the outcome of the referendum.

But others, such as councilor Sabrina Uten (Centerville district), said they would not sign the mayor’s letter. She said it would be better to spend time preparing the inhabitants for the upcoming changes.

“The bill wasn’t published for seven weeks and we had plenty of time to discuss it,” said State Senator Dick Suslow (D-Fairfax) in response to Kigans’ efforts to postpone voting. Said.

Finally, State Senator Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) said she would finally give Kigans a courtesy to postpone the bill.

VB mayor proposes holding referendum one night before state could change city voting system Source link VB mayor proposes holding referendum one night before state could change city voting system

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