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VB Police Department changes body camera activation policy; cameras must now start recording when officer marks ‘en route’ to call – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Body camera must be activated immediately when police officers mark a service call on Virginia Beach as “on the way” — Policy change

The· Virginia Beach Police released a video on April 29 It demonstrates the body camera training process and provides insight into the new policies behind the equipment.

According to the video, 450 Virginia Beach police officers on patrol will be using the Axon Body 2 camera.

Captain William Zelms interviewed in a training video and said it was the final stage of the four-stage deployment of body cameras in the department.

“I understand that this technology is valuable,” Zelms said, adding that the goal is to equip all sworn personnel in the department with body cameras.

VBPD was the last police station in Hampton Roads equipped with a camera worn by police officers. The first phase of the program took place in July 2018, with very few officers equipped with cameras.

Policy — as Reported by 10 On Your Side this year next March 26 Shooting involving Donobon Lynch’s deadly police officer at Oceanfront — Police officers have instructed that the body camera should be activated as soon as it arrives at the scene and as soon as it becomes “safe and practical”.

However, according to a training video posted on April 29, the new policy requires executives to turn on their body cameras and start recording as soon as they mark the call “in the middle”.

“It’s okay to record the first few minutes of steering where you’re driving,” Zelms said.

In the video, I was able to see Brian Ferenc, VBPD’s master police officer, leading the training.

According to Ferenc, body cameras are turned off only when police officers are in prison, on the grounds, or during personal breaks.

“The camera you wear actually benefits both citizens and executives,” Zelms said. “From a citizen’s point of view, it’s a window into the world of accountability, transparency, and action, and from their point of view, what’s happening and what we’re saying is consistent. To prove. “

He continued: “From an officer’s point of view, it is also in their interest. They are very much in the work in front of them, everything they have to do when going to the call for service, the people they talk to, the actions they take. I’m focused, I’m focused on it, so in the end I want the public to understand that police officers are doing the right thing. “

The only way to fully automate the process with Axon Body 2 is to retrofit a “signal device” to the department’s gun holster.

With the “Signal Sidearm” device properly installed, the body camera will start recording as soon as the policeman pulls the weapon out of the holster.

The issue has recently been at the forefront following the shooting that killed Lynch on March 26. Body camera was not activated for unknown reasonsSaid the police.

Police chief Paul Neudigate explained after shooting that the remote starter technology that activates the body camera when the gun is pulled out of the holster is not compatible with current holsters.

The· The chief told the city council Compatible holsters were not readily available due to high demand from manufacturers. Manufacturers have worked with VBPD to redesign remote starter technology to suit these new holsters as required by the department. VBPD pays for this technology and owns a redesigned remote starter, but this technology cannot be fixed with the current screws that attach it to the weapon’s holster.

In the training video, Zelms emphasized that the signaling equipment was initially incompatible with the current holsters used in the department. He said the signaling hardware was too long for the holster.

According to Zelms, manufacturers are aware that the department wants to deploy signaling equipment by the start of the training schedule in July.

The department’s taser also has a magazine that allows the body camera to start recording when the taser is turned on, Ferentz said in a video.

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VB Police Department changes body camera activation policy; cameras must now start recording when officer marks ‘en route’ to call Source link VB Police Department changes body camera activation policy; cameras must now start recording when officer marks ‘en route’ to call

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