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VB police: Salem Lakes neighbor’s ‘horribly offensive behavior’ has ‘voluntarily ceased’ – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-07 22:29:00 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) —Silence is golden for a group of neighbors around Virginia Beach.

According to police, the frustrating situation among neighbors in the dead end in the Salem Lakes district of Virginia Beach “stopped voluntarily.”

For over a year, loud music and other unpleasant sounds from neighbors have been heard through speakers, afflicting some residents. 10 On Your Side went to the neighborhood for a survey.

In the past, Janique Martinez said that music was played loud on neighbors’ speakers and rocked the house. After warning police about the music, Martinez said her neighbors retaliated by playing racial slurs and monkey sounds.

However, the story of 10 On Your Side was first aired and spread by word of mouth, so police say the loud music and unpleasant sounds stopped. Police released a statement on Twitter detailing the results of their response on Thursday...

When 10 On Your Side asked about the situation in Jesamine Court last month, police said there was a limit to what they could do. The sound was annoying and unpleasant, but police said the issue did not rise to a level justifying criminal accusations.

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In a Thursday update, police chief Paul Neudigate said that as of September 23, his neighbor’s “terrible unpleasant behavior” had “voluntarily stopped.”

Neudigate said he was able to speak directly to the petitioner on his release from the department and assured her to call the police again if the behavior recurred.

Police said a thorough investigation was conducted by Virginia Beach police, and city lawyers, security judges, federal lawyers and all groups agreed that their neighbors’ actions would not go up to criminal levels.

“VBPD will continue to monitor the situation and, if this happens in the future, reassess the facts and evidence and take all possible steps to end it. In addition, VBPD will contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We continue to look for other remedies, such as contacting us to see if there is anything feasible from a federal point of view, “the agency wrote in the release.

Separately, the Citizen’s Office of the Attorney General’s office is investigating the issue.

After the first report on Friday Virginia-equivalent housing opportunities I contacted 10 On Your Side, who wants to get in touch with the Martinez family.

They are actively investigating the situation to see what they can do for them. According to their site, a division of their team works to protect minorities from harassment in their neighborhood.

They state that harassment can include interference, coercion, intimidation, and intimidation.

Police also released a timeline of various calls to the neighbors on this issue. Please see here for the detail..

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VB police: Salem Lakes neighbor’s ‘horribly offensive behavior’ has ‘voluntarily ceased’ Source link VB police: Salem Lakes neighbor’s ‘horribly offensive behavior’ has ‘voluntarily ceased’

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