VCU makes vaccination mandatory for students on campus – Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, District of Columbia 2021-06-08 09:50:34 –

Virginia Commonwealth University said on Monday that all students on campus in the fall semester will need to be vaccinated.

Virginia Commonwealth University On Monday, he said all students on campus would need to be vaccinated during the fall semester.

According to the school, this includes students living, studying, or working on campus, with the exception of religious or health reasons.

Students attending the fall class must submit their vaccinations by July 15th. Medical services for college students..

For more information on religious and health exemptions, please visit School websiteExempted persons must follow the precautions below. Wearing a mask. Regular monitoring tests; complete daily health checks. Continue to comply with public safety measures, including quarantine procedures.

Entry pass The requirements will continue to apply to all students, but vaccinated students will have a green check by default.

According to the school, the findings show strong support for the vaccination movement among students, parents and teachers.

Vaccine reservations can be made from: Medical services for college students..

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