Ved Mandir

Ved Mandir

                                    Ved Mandir

Ved Mandir as the name suggests is a temple which celebrates the ancient Vedic practises. The Indian subcontinent has been a hub of advanced ancient civilization. The Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization is a fool proof example. These civilizations were adept at various modern advancements. They followed the early Vedic tradition. This tradition had unveiled the secrets of life. People belonging to this civilization were worshippers of nature and did not believe in idol; worship. They have trained themselves in yoga or yogic practises. Through techniques of complete body control they were able to decipher many mysteries of the world. The Ved Mandir, situated in the holy city of Nasik is one temple which works with the initiative of cultivating the true spirit of the ancient Hindu culture in the hearts of the common people.

More about Ved Mandir

Ved Mandir is dedicated to Guru Gangeshwaranandji Maharaj. He is known as the ambassador of Vedic practises in the modern times. This holy temple houses several age old scriptures. These include original scripts as well as audio and video files of Vedic mantras. It is said that Vedic mantras are very powerful tools for attaining liberation.

Ved Mandir was constructed by Shri Kishanlalaji and his wife in the memory of his late father, Shri Bastiramji Sarda.

In and around Ved Mandir

Ved Mandir rums various professionally managed Dharamshalas at Alandi and Pandharpur.

The main objective of these Ved Mandir is to invoke a sense of recognition as well as imbibe the ideals of the Hindu culture. Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. Ved Mandir makes sure that people get well versed with the ways and practices of this kind of life. There is no compulsion on anyone to follow this. One can opt to not follow it. But the foundation stone of liking and disliking something comes from the knowledge about a subject. Ved Mandir provides that knowledge through its well organised dharamshalas. These Dharamshalas also aim at providing comfortable stays to pilgrims at minimal prices.

Ved Mandir is dedicated to Lord Ram. When in here one hear the chanting of holy verses of ancient Hindu scriptures. The temple also teaches children Vedas. The atmosphere of this temple is harmonious. This temple is a very unique in the sense that it is one of the few temples in India which preaches the ways of the ancient Vedic culture.

One can visit this temple with friends and family. The peaceful environment of this place makes people appreciate life. One can sit in here and enjoy a peaceful conversation with their loved ones.

A Tourist’s Guide

Ved Mandir is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. One can find public transport easily to reach this temple from different parts of the city of Nasik. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road railway Station. The nearest airport from Ved Mandir is Gandhinagar International Airport. One can easily find accommodation options at Nasik.

Seekers of calm and peace of mind must visit Ved Mandir once in their lifetime. A visit to Ved Mandir is definitely a relaxing experience.

Vaagisha Singh

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