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Vegas bakery steeped in tradition – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas (KTNV) — A classic official Nevada-built business finding new fans on social media with viral video. This is where tradition meets trends.

13 Action Newscaster Todd Kinones had the opportunity to see and smell everything for himself.


Bringing a torch lamp to the Creme Brulee Donut will catch your attention. You are not alone. Videos of their donut manufacturing process often get tens of thousands or even millions of views on social media.

Probably not what you expect Karl donuts.. A family-owned business with a tradition dating back to the 1960s.

Doug remains the same

“Karl’s dough remains basically the same since we started. It’s a great yeast dough. It has a great vanilla flavor,” says Amber Ramsey, COO of Karl’s donuts.

“When you step in here, you smell sugar, spices and warmth. I love it, but when you learn about your family, it becomes much more adorable,” says Todd.

Hotel to donuts

Karl’s donuts were started by Amber’s grandparents. Her grandfather, Karl and her Nana, Rin.

“They started, they were in the hotel business,” says Todd. “In the Lake Tahoe hotel business, they noticed that all these people were leaving to go get breakfast. How can they keep them here? They met a man who sells donut flyers, and they said, if you teach me how to make donuts, buy a flyer, “says Amber.

Wonder World

The donut flyer that led them to Wonder World in 1966. The once popular Las Vegas variety store also had the first Carl’s Donuts.

70,000 per day

Today, Nevada Built’s business produces 50-70,000 donuts a day. It is sold at convenience stores, hotels, and casinos in Yanaka.

“It’s autumn, so we have a pumpkin cake donut, which is the donut I’ve been waiting for all year round,” says Amber.

More than 80 people work at facilities near Sunset and Pecos. The facility also has a donut retail store.


“There are a lot of workers here, but probably no one is as famous as Pillar,” says Todd. “Yes, Pillars is a TikTok superstar. She’s a strangely satisfying video queen. We’re pretty proud of her because she’s recorded millions of views.” Says Amber.

They may be using social media to reach the next generation of donut lovers, but their heart is still taste. Traditional treats like apple fritters are their staple.

Classic apple fritters

“I love smells. Cheers,” says Todd. “Cheers,” says Amber. “I couldn’t work here,” says Todd. “It’s classic for some reason,” says Amber.

“I love big chunks of apples. It sometimes looks like the quality of an apple pie, isn’t it? That’s great. Thank you,” says Todd. “Thank you,” says Amber.

You can check out more delicious treats from Karl’s donuts Instagram When Ticktaku..

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