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Vegas Chamber pushing for federal funding in Washington DC – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-21 21:17:19 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Fight for Financing at Capitol Hill! The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is now leading a large delegation in Washington, DC, listening to them about the problems Nevada is facing.

Today is the second of the fourth days of our trip to the capital of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Mary Beth Sewald, president and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, says she makes this trip every year, but this year’s fly-in is the biggest as Las Vegas continues to recover from COVID-19. And one of the most important.

This year’s group consists of approximately 180 business leaders and local leaders. They have a busy schedule that includes meetings with the Nevada State Assembly delegation and other members of the Diet, as well as briefings from policy experts at the US Chamber of Commerce and the Brookings Institution.

The main goal of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce is to secure federal funding for issues affecting Nevada. Sewald tells 13 Action News that their top priority is to help the Las Vegas economy recover from COVID-19. She believes that the best way to do that is for Nevada to secure a fair share of recovery law funding to help SMEs recover and to secure funding for labor development. increase. ..

“Nevada’s economy continues to be hit hardest nationwide. Unemployment is the highest in the United States, the core tourism industry is only partially recovering, and many small businesses still survive. Struggling. Other Nevada Parliamentary Delegation Washington, DC decision makers really hear from industry how their recovery funds can help the recovery and prosperity of Nevada employees and employees. We need to tilt, “says Sewald.

Other priorities include funding I-15 and I-11 infrastructure, major roads between Las Vegas, California and Arizona, and improving broadband internet throughout the state, especially in rural Nevada. Is included.

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