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Vegas company creates wonderland of soap – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-17 14:26:54 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —Introducing a Nevada Built company focused on delivering awesome effects. However, some people may be a little confused because they can be fooled by their appearance. The success of this Nevada Built company comes with the joy of being clean.

It looks like a bakery run by Willy Wonka, but you can’t eat anything here. It’s all soap.

Styled soap

“If you’re going to make soap in Las Vegas, you have to do it stylishly,” says Todd Queenones, anchor at 13 Action News.

“You have to do it with style and fun, and entertain those who use it,” says CEO and co-founder Tom Ticher. Nectar Ba Street..

He uses plant-based ingredients to turn soap into an experience.

Vegan friendly

“This is coffee, what is this, what is this?” Asks Todd. “This is poppy seeds,” says Tom. “Poppy seeds. So is this a grapefruit?” Asks Todd. “Yes, yes,” says Tom.

The material was then pushed into the mold.

All handmade

“Here you can see that some kind of decoration is done in real time, and everything is done by hand here,” says Todd.

“Yes. This is our handmade soap. We talked about Willy Wonka, but that’s the most beautiful part of our work. Everything is handmade and fun, and the careful we use. It’s a material, “says Tom.

Tom came to America in search of an opportunity with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“Where are you from?” Ask Todd. “I’m from Israel. I’m here like I was 17 years ago,” says Tom.

Better customer experience

Tom discovered the original store in Venetian in 2015. Despite critics’ thoughts, he decided to buy it, turn it into a franchise, and invest in brick and mortar retailers.

“Everyone talked about dying retail. Amazon kills it. Online shatters it. And I thought no, you just need to raise the bar. Retail We need to provide a better customer experience, “says Tom.

Please try it at the store. For example, consider whipped soap.

Whip soap

“Can you please? Can you pick it up a little and feel the texture? You see, it’s wild. It’s whipped-like quality and it’s strange. It’s very cool,” says Todd.

“Imagine washing your whole body with your elbows, shoulders, knees, especially your feet. Your skin will be softer and smoother than ever,” says Tom.

“And it smells great. I love the colors. OK, I’m going to wash it now,” says Todd.
“Yes,” says Tom.

Unique treat

And that is the point. Turns mundane hygiene into a fun and unique treat. Especially for children, including himself.

“Every time I buy ice cream for my daughter, I feel guilty. It’s good for your soul. It’s good for your body. It’s good for your heart,” says Tom. increase.

These products are not intended for everyday use. Their very popular milkshake bath soak costs $ 35. “How many baths will this be?” Asks Todd. “4-5 servings,” says Tom.


Nectar currently has nine locations and 167 employees. Tom describes employees as the heart of Nectar.

“We care for them, show them love, and believe they make products made with love,” says Tom.

“As you said, it was made of love and Nevada Built,” says Todd. “Yes,” says Tom. “It’s a great combination,” says Todd. “Yes, that’s right,” says Tom. “It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful,” says Todd.

Nectar has several shops on the Strip and other shops in California, planned overseas not only in Hawaii but also in Poland and Dubai. NS The company also employs Corresponds to positions in various departments.

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