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Vegas family makes sure people aren’t alone for Thanksgiving – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-25 21:30:38 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — The family has opened the door to many who didn’t have a place to go to this Thanksgiving.

Daniel Ellis is an active soldier here in Las Vegas and hasn’t had a Thanksgiving dinner with his family for five years. He moved from Minnesota to Las Vegas to join the Air Force, and he says being away from his family makes the holiday feel just another normal day.

“Homemade meals and family time are definitely much more than anyone can appreciate,” Ellis said.

When Ellis met Charlotte Morgan and Julie Rievo, he said he felt welcome from the beginning. Charlotte is a pastor of the Indigo Valley Church in Las Vegas, and Julie works at a rehab center. When they learned that Daniel was alone for Thanksgiving, they never thought about saving their table seats for him twice. Charlotte and Julie were like a second family to him, he says.

“What makes Thanksgiving even more important is to take a step back and understand that we need to thank others for what they don’t have, or when we reach out and give back to the community. May have come, “said Ellis.

Giving back is a priority of Charlotte’s Church. Just this year, her church helped feed 6,000 families for Thanksgiving.

“We need to help those with salary gaps, those who are hungry, those who live on the streets, those who work, and perhaps those whose salaries have not been extended to pay for the turkey. There is, “Morgan said.

She and her wife not only want their families not to miss a warm Thanksgiving meal, but also want everyone in need to open the door.

“We are fortunate to have some great people who always say that sitting at this table is our family friend,” Morgan explained.

Another member of their new family is Joselin Campa. Her family moved from Wisconsin to Las Vegas, and they don’t have an extended family in the valley here.

“It’s great to have someone who feels like a family, spending time together, going home, and spending moments and memories together,” says Kampa.

Charlotte says this is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It’s time to thank what you have and the people who make life in this world worthwhile.

Charlotte and Julie encourage all families to leave empty seats at the table, light candles, and remember those who couldn’t go this year and those who left with us. Say there is.

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