Vehicles worthy of the Heritage Parts Program

Did you finally do that? You are a beautiful disaster, you did it! You spent nearly $ 30,000 on a 37-year-old Toyota Corolla for a comic book, And you aren’t even angry about it.Hell, you paid a little extra for “real” Fujiwara tofu shop decal At the door. You are. kick. Back.And now, after you didn’t think you could feel better about buying your car, I’m going to make you feel better about buying your car-you now for you Because you can buy fresh parts at the factory. Corolla Directly sent from AE86 and Toyota.

Yes, through its captive motorsport brand, Gazu Racing, Toyota is replicating spare parts for the Corolla Levin Sprinter Trueno “AE86” as part of the GR Heritage Parts Project. In this project, new original parts that have been discontinued are duplicated and sold as genuine parts with a standard new parts warranty.To support customers who are full of memories and want to continue driving their truly beloved old cars.. “

Joking aside, even if the Initial D AE86 isn’t your kappa, you have to admit that the concept of the Heritage Parts program is great. But it raises some questions. Heritage program? thank you!

GMC Cyclone

Cover September 1991 issue Car and driver It occupies a huge amount of my spiritual real estate. If you haven’t seen it, it features a dramatically tilted view of the GMC Cyclone pickup along with the Ferrari 348ts. The text says “Sting for $ 96,000!”. And, very precisely, if high speed is better, it means that cyclone is better than Ferrari.

If an American pickup deserves a heritage parts program, it makes buying a Ferrari pointless and silly. It becomes even more true thanks to the fact that virtually every example of the GMC Syclone (and its SUV’s stable companion, a slightly practical typhoon) was purchased, tuned, and absolutely driven to the ground. I did. Even the “nice” ones show signs of abuse here and there, and I can’t blame their owners for a single 13-second ¼ mile explosion.

After all, cars are meant to be driven. Even something like a truck..

The best part? If GM did the heritage correctly, It also provides a fresh supply of genuine repair parts for those who find an old S-10 or S-15 Sonoma / Jimmy... Even if you don’t put the cyclone on the same pedestal as me (I swear it’s a word) There aren’t too many Gen-Xers that can’t rate Mentha’s 1st Generation S-10., right?


Diamond star turbo

If you were an imported drag racer in the 1990s, your world revolved around EFI tuning and turbocharged black art. All-wheel drive Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser Triplet. Collectively, they were called “DSMs”. Diamond Star Motors Factory in Normal, Illinois, Where they were built.

DSM was fast at the time, and even today’s standards. They benefited from low curb weight, all-wheel drive, and horsepower with a 195 turbocharger right out of the box. They were also relatively affordable. So almost all of them were (more or less objectively) defeated by absolute dog shit.

I also remember when they suddenly landed on the planet after being almost everywhere for most of the decade.

“What happened to all these cars?” One day I asked Tim Switzer. While we’re poking under his own white Talon hood..

“They are fast and the idiots can afford them,” he said in his only reply. He didn’t even turn his head.

If you fast forward for another 10 years, it will be close to 2022. Mitsubishi can use Hello Cars to help restore fate in the United States. This is frankly I almost forgot about Mitsubishi.. Similarly, the CDR store looks like a buyer who is willing to spend a lot of money on a high horsepower internal combustion engine, a positive that the sportiest Rad era heritage parts program could bring faithfully to the ICE. You might imagine the atmosphere. Especially in these attempts, the electrified era..

Mitsubishi needs a PR victory. Such a program could be big, along with some “restored” CPO Eclipse in some Mitsubishi showrooms that are still standing.

Alfa Romeo spider

Despite being built from 1966-1993 – Complete 27 years! – The Alfa Spider was outdated right after its launch. However, it wasn’t a problem because I didn’t buy a spider to impress the kids with high speed driving and the latest Electro Wizardry. I bought it to drive a winding backstreet with the wind on my hair, the sun on my face, and the mechanic’s phone number in my back pocket...

In the worst case, despite being unreliable rusty dung The rookie Alfa Romeo Spider is an immediate candidate for parking in advanceEspecially because the number of nice things keeps declining and the midrange Lamborghini Gallardo continues to drip into the millionaire of Dogecoin. Alpha has a style that others have fashion, and (as Coco Chanel said) Style endures..

Sales continue – well, inhale – Alfa Romeo is another company that can take advantage of PR victories, and there is certainly one to help bring a bunch of old spiders back from the grave. You can also be environmentally friendly by calling your car “recycled” and selling the new Alcantara seats as “vegan leather”. At least until Stellantis classifies the EV line..

Like Mitsubishi: What do they need to lose?

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Vehicles worthy of the Heritage Parts Program

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