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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — It’s been two weeks since the vendor was officially banned in most of downtown Nashville.

Visit Lower Broadway and you’ll see Joyce and Glenn Roseman at work.

The only problem is that technically the two are not supposed to work there.

“I’ve never had a customer come here and say you’re a nuisance to this city (or) you don’t belong here,” said Joyce. , shoppers, even people who live here don’t believe it.”

Rosemans is one of many vendors that have remained open despite being banned from operating on Lower Broadway.

“This is our livelihood,” said Joyce. “This is not a hobby. I’m not here just for it. I’m here because my life is at stake.”

In July, the Metro’s Transportation and Parking Board decided to ban vendors from most of the downtown area.

Mayor John Cooper wrote: letter to the committee promoting the ban, which officially took effect on July 21;

“We don’t have to lose anymore,” Glenn said. “I can’t afford to lose any more jobs. This is my job.”

Rosemans says the guitar string jewelry they sell isn’t just about making a profit, it’s about advocating for the mental health that Glen struggles with.

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“It was a good time in my life when I discovered jewelry because I lost 10 jobs in 12 years, even though I had a degree,” he said.

As such, they believe being downtown is the best place to do business.

The Rosemans took a week off since the ban took effect, but returned this week to say police have not launched a crackdown so far.

But if everything changes, they don’t know how their business can thrive elsewhere.

“I’m not entirely sure what it will look like, so I hope and pray that each day is a positive one,” Joyce said.

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News 2 has contacted the mayor’s office numerous times asking for interviews or statements about how the ban is being enforced, but have not received a response to our requests.

Vendors still working in downtown Nashville despite ban in place Source link Vendors still working in downtown Nashville despite ban in place

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