Venezuela suspends negotiations after Maduro allies are handed over to the United States

Miami — The Venezuelan government opposes Saturday in retaliation for the delivery of President Nicolas Maduro’s close ally to the United States, which prosecutors believe may be the most important witness to corruption in South American countries. He said he would stop negotiations with.

Jorge Rodriguez, who has led a government delegation, said his team will not travel to Mexico City for the upcoming round of negotiations.

The announcement is that after a 16-month battle between Maduro, who considers a Colombian-born businessman to be a Venezuelan diplomat, and his allies, including Russia, businessman Alex Saab will board Cape Verde’s flight to the United States. The day ended.

Six U.S. oil executives under house arrest were returned to prison by security forces hours after news of Saab’s expulsion blew up Venezuela’s social media. I entered the White House. A family of men known as Citgo 6-for the Houston subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company they worked for-expressed dissatisfaction with both governments.

“The fact that Mr. Saab is in the United States in front of my father is shameful,” said Christina, one of the Americans whose father Tomeu Badel has written a long sentence about the alleged truncation of the U.S. government.・ Badel said.

“This is additional evidence that these Americans have been held hostage in Venezuela, and President Biden’s administration needs to be aware of this and win their release immediately,” she added.

According to Justice Department spokesman Nicole Navas Oxman, Saab will make his first appearance in Miami on Monday, thanking and praising the Cape Verde government’s professionalism and “patience for this complex case.” bottom.

Saab, 49, was arrested in the African archipelago when the Maduro administration stopped on its way to Iran on a diplomatic and humanitarian mission to later exempt him from prosecution.

He soon became a cry for a revolutionary rally, and the Venezuelan government said a few months after the arrest, a discreet businessman had previously been appointed to represent the African Union.

Rodriguez, standing in front of a sign that says “Free Alex Serve,” is a “brutal attack” by the U.S. government that has been unsuccessfully attempted to expel Maduro for years. I blew up what I said. He said the Venezuelan government accused him of his illegal “extraction” in a multilateral forum and could not say that the government would abandon the negotiations altogether, but protested and would not participate in the next round.

Venezuela US fugitive
Central Venezuelan Speaker Jorge Rodriguez speaks to the media on Saturday, October 16, 2021 in Caracas, Venezuela, in front of an image of a Colombian businessman and Venezuelan envoy Alex Saab.

Ariana Kubiros / AP

“The Government of the Republic of Venezuela laments this serious violation of the human rights of Venezuelan citizens, who are invested as diplomats and on behalf of our country to the world,” the Government of Maduro said in a statement. “This fact sets a dangerous precedent for international law.”

Government opponents, including opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who the United States recognizes as a legitimate leader in Venezuela, celebrated the prospect that one of Maduro’s top insiders would be immediately behind the bar. A grip on the power of socialist leaders.

“What we Venezuelans feel today is justice,” said David Smoranski, the mayor of the Caracas region, who went into exile after being ordered to lead an opposition to Maduro in 2017. Justice that had to be found across our borders. Justice to seek for all who have sinned of corruption, crime against humanity, hunger, and the immigration crisis. “

U.S. officials have been targeting Saab for years, believing that it can unravel the mystery of how Venezuela has sold tankers full of gold and oil in violation of U.S. sanctions. They also talked about how the president’s family, Maduro, and his top aide sucked up millions of dollars in government contracts on food and housing amid widespread hunger in oil-rich Venezuela. I believe he has many secrets.

Federal Prosecutor in Miami Prosecuted Saab in 2019 Money laundering costs associated with a bribery scheme that allegedly pocketed more than $ 350 million from the Venezuelan government’s low-income housing project.

Separately, Saab used a network of shell companies worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Hong Kong, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, to hide huge profits from overvaluation without bids. , Was licensed by the previous Trump administration. Food contracts obtained through bribes and rebates.

Some of Saab’s contracts were obtained by bribeing adult children of Venezuelan first lady Cilia Flores, the Trump administration claims. Three men, commonly known in Venezuela as the slang term for “children,” “Roschamos,” were said by Miami prosecutors to have formed part of a plan to suck $ 1.2 billion from Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. under investigation. He told The Associated Press in a US survey.

However, US private officials have long described Saab as Maduro’s frontman, but he is not so identified in court filings.

The previous Trump administration made the delivery of Saab a top priority, and at some point sent Navy warships to the African archipelago to monitor prisoners of war.

On Saturday, Colombian President Ivan Duque praised Saab’s delivery as “a victory in the fight against drug trafficking, money laundering and corruption led by Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship.”

However, the Biden administration has downplayed the importance of Saab’s issue, allowing him to defend himself in US courts, and his proceedings to overcome Venezuela’s long-running economic crisis and political ties. He said it should not affect the ongoing negotiations sponsored by the intended Norway.

A family of nine Americans imprisoned in Caracas does not expect Saab’s legal issues to be freed from covert attempts at Detente.

In addition to Citgo 6, which was sentenced to long-term imprisonment for an unexecuted plan to refinance billions of dollars in oil company bonds last year, it includes former US Marine Corps Matthew Heath. Two former Green Beret Caracas defeated Maduro in a cross-border raid from Colombia, planning to disrupt the refinery.

“In a very disappointing event, Venezuelan American detainees are now being used as political pawns,” said a former New Mexico governor who visited Venezuela to secure the release of Americans. Bill Richardson said in a statement. “We wanted to have a wellness visit with them, but now we are worried that we will not be given the opportunity.”

Venezuela suspends negotiations after Maduro allies are handed over to the United States

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