Versova Beach

Versova Beach

                                        Versova Beach

Versova Beach is an extension of the famous Juhu Beach house din the city of Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and is also known as the city of seven islands. Owing to its name, the city houses a number of beautiful beaches along the Arabian Sea. This city is a heaven for beach lovers.

The Versova Beach is separated by the Juhu beach by a creek. Juhu Beach is the most popular beach in this city. Several famous personalities including film stars have their houses near this beach. The fact that Juhu Beach is housed in the very centre of the city attracts huge crowds in here throughout the day. The beach is lined with food stalls and is full of locals and tourists even at nights. Versova Beach on the other hand is not that crowded. Versova is mainly a fishing village and is inhabited by the fishing community i.e. the Kolis. The beach is small yet full of wonderful tourist attractions.

Things to do when at Versova Beach

Versova Beach is sparsely crowded and thus, a perfect place for people who love peace. One can come in here with their friends and family to enjoy some quality time with them. The natural beauty of this beach is mesmerizing.  It is clean and not much polluted like the Juhu Beach. When in here one can enjoy idle walks along the shore of the Arabian Sea. Children can make sand castles while their parents enjoy on the beach. When in here one gets the unique opportunity to observe the different shades of blue of the Arabian Sea. Versova Beach is indeed a family friendly destination. The calmness of this beach is ideal for having an enjoyable family time.

Versova Beach is also the hotspot for water sports. Water sports like snorkeling, cycling, horse riding, camel back rides etc. are carried out in here. Thus, adventure seekers must visit this place to try out something full of energy.

Since, Versova is a major fishing village, Versova Beach is a hotbed of fish trade too. Fish auctions are conducted don a daily basis in here. So, the ones who are fans of sea food must visit Versova Beach. One can interact with the fisherman community of Versova and learn about their lives and fishing techniques too. When in here one can educate oneself with the secret fishing practices that the Koli community is still carrying on from generations. This will be definitely be an enriching experience.

Versova Beach is a heaven for photography fanatics. Many professional photographers come in here to capture the spectacular vistas of this place. Dusk and dawn are two times of the day when the beach looks as beautiful as a poet’s dream. The iconic vistas of this place are worth being captured. So, the ones who are in love with photography must visit this place.

A Tourist’s Guide

Versova Beach is open throughout the year. There is no entry fees levied on the visitors here at the beach. The best time of the year to visit this place is between the months of September to March. Winters and spring are the best seasons to visit this place. Summers are scorching hot in here. The nearest railway station from here is Versova on Line 1 of the western terminus and from here the beach is at a walking distance of around a kilometer. The nearest airport from Versova beach is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. One can find an abundance of hotels in the city of Mumbai. Bookings for hotels can be done both online and offline.

Versova Beach is a wonderful retreat from ones busy life. Situated in the very city of Mumbai, the beach is easily accessible to the public. One can take any means of public transport to reach this place. So, if you are a beach lover then Versova Beach should definitely be on your list.

Vaagisha Singh

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