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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-08 17:26:42 –

KSNW, Wichita — A veteran who bought a car from a Wichita dealer realized a problem a few months later. The mechanic found a license plate covering a hole in the car’s undercarriage.

The veteran said the veteran had filed a consumer complaint with Quality Automotive Group LLC, II, 3933 S. Broadway because the dealer refused to issue a refund.

Investigated by the Consumer Protection Division of the District Attorney’s Office. District Attorney Mark Bennett said to the Kansas Consumer Protection Act when the dealer and the dealer’s owner, Thomas Brand II, tried to deny the implied warranty because they couldn’t fix the problem properly. He states that he claims to have violated.

Veterans, as well as persons with disabilities, military members, and people over the age of 60, are considered protected consumers under Kansas law. Violations against protected consumers can result in higher penalties.

Bennett says the brand and dealers learned that the car had holes in the undercarriage and denied doing anything wrong, but accepted a consent decree to resolve the issue.

The ruling requires them to pay a fine of $ 20,000. Bennett says they agreed to a one-year trial period and not resell the car until there was evidence that it had been fixed.

DA states that Quality has given a full refund to the veteran.

Advice for car buyers

  • Make sure you know as much as you can before you buy
  • Consider asking to take the vehicle for independent inspection
  • A buyer’s guide with purchase and warranty information must be posted on used cars sold by vehicle dealers.
  • visit Federal Trade Commission website For more information on buying a used car

Veteran complains about Wichita car dealership, DA gets involved Source link Veteran complains about Wichita car dealership, DA gets involved

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