Veterans Memorial top Tuloso-Midway in high school football – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-22 19:32:59 –

High school volleyball


Veterans Memorial DEF. Trozo Midway,

27-25, 25-21, 10-25, 20-25, 17-15

Meaning of match: The Eagles (16-13) are gaining momentum after defeating one of the region’s top teams in a major match in District 29-5A against Gregory Portland on Friday. Cherokee (18-10) appears to rebound as he confronts rival Karalen on Friday and begins playing District 31-4A.

Tuesday highlights: The Eagles gathered to win the first set, then postponed the late charge from TM to win the second set. However, the Cherokee stormed in the third and fourth sets. TM won a compelling third set and then controlled the fourth set with a 6-point run with two kills as the key. Maddy Moore And another murder Clarissa Soza..But in the fifth set, the Veterans Memorial Ariana Caldera Sparks knocked down 7 kills as the Eagles scored the last 2 points to win the match.

Tuesday star: The caldera finished the night with 19 kills and had 36 digs. Amber Gaia Add 13 kills, Tatiana Mosley Record 3 blocks, Mia Rodriguez Two for the Eagles. Soza led Tuloso-Midway with 22 kills, 28 assists and 22 digs. Abbey Kennedy With 38 children, Isabella Ramon had three of TM’s seven service aces.

The Memorial Ariana Caldera will pass the ball to the Turoso Midway on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at the Trozo Midway. The Veterans Memorial has won the match.

Veterans Memorial Ariana Caldera on the Importance of the Match: “I think it’s really important to us. It was really hard to click at first, and now I think this game really brought us closer as a team.”

Victory Veterans Memorial Interim Coach Jenny Garcia: “I think it helps. The girls are preparing for the second round of district play, so we keep playing hard, working hard, and as good as we see in the second round of district play. I want to make sure I’m in competition. All the other teams are coming for us and ready for the playoffs. “

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