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The high stakes battle over control of the Orioles and Peter Angelos’ other assets has drawn a large legitimate gun into the battle.

A Los Angeles-based lawyer has registered with his resume, including Michael Jackson’s real estate battle, family battle for sports franchises, and millions of dollars awards for OJ Simpson. On behalf of Angelos’ wife Georgia and his son John, he participated in a proceeding filed by his second son, Louis.

Louis Angelos, 52, who was sued in the Baltimore County Circuit earlier this month, said John, 54, was a complete team, contrary to the wishes of his sick father, who lost control of his assets. He said he tried to take control. He further claimed that his brother wanted to dissolve his father’s signature law firm, known for winning billions of dollars in the Asbestos case, of Peter Angelos worth about $ 90 million. He claimed to have transferred the property to his controlled LLC. The proceedings alleging that John confused his mother and threatened to meet his request also revealed the family’s apparent desire to sell the Orioles.

Get permission from an agent on Tuesday John Angelos is Daniel M. Petrocelli, a $ 33.5 million civil suit against OJ Simpson for the death of former soccer star Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Probably the best known for receiving the award.

Lawyers who are lawyers elsewhere must apply for special limited admission to the State Bar Association to represent their clients in Maryland proceedings.

In Petrocelli Past and present clients include former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, former Trump University fraud president Donald Trump, and rapper Travis, who was sued after Stampede at the Astroworld Festival concert in Houston last year. This is Scott.

Adam F. Streisand, a leader in the conflict between wealth and inheritance, sought permission to represent Georgia Angelos. According to his company’s website, he has been involved in the dispute over the property of Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, and other celebrities.

In the shaded case of the Angelos case, Streisand represented Ginny Bath. A victorious battle against her brother to rule the Los Angeles Lakers.

He also represented Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $ 2 billion After a lifetime ban from the NBA for former owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks. Sterling’s wife declares him incompetent, succeeds in removing her team from her trust in her possession, leaving her as her only trustee and selling it. Was completed.

Streisand also represents Deer Spanos Berberian, whose brother and mother were sued by Louis Angelos on the same day. Filed a lawsuit with his brother over a property dispute over the Los Angeles Chargers.



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Louis Angelos is represented by Jeffrey E. Nusinov, a Baltimore-based lawyer who specializes in trust and real estate proceedings. He represented the late John Paterakis’ children William J. Paterakis and Venice Paterakis Smith. Successful real estate battle with H & S and Harbor East’s second wife.

“The choice of lawyer for John and his mother shows how much he has to worry,” Nushinov said. “They are skilled lawyers. They will fill their hands.”

Nusinov is joined by partner Paul D. Raschke, who previously worked for Angelos LLP.He was part of the winning team A $ 1.5 billion verdict against Exxon for a petrol leak that contaminated groundwater in Jacksonville, Baltimore County, One of the largest verdicts in Maryland’s history.

The court noted that the documents submitted by John Angelos and his mother’s lawyer were technically flawed, including not providing the necessary information such as phone numbers and identification numbers.

Both California lawyers will be joined by some members of their company. Maryland law allows lawyers who are members of the State Bar Association to require lawyers from elsewhere to permit them to act as their legal counsel. Attorney Petrocelli’s request on behalf of John Angelos Jeffrey E. Gordon, a Washington-based partner of the company, O’Melveny & Myers, who graduated from the University of Maryland Faculty of Law.

Streisand’s request on behalf of Georgia Angelos Submitted by Christopher M. Labrand, also based in Washington, and a partner of their company, Shepherd Marine Richter & Hampton.

According to online court records, John Angelos and his mother’s lawyer requested and received an extension to respond to Louis Angelos’s allegations.

Veterans of legal battles over Michael Jackson estate and against O.J. Simpson jump into Angelos fray – Baltimore Sun Source link Veterans of legal battles over Michael Jackson estate and against O.J. Simpson jump into Angelos fray – Baltimore Sun

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