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Vibrant Pittsburgh President and CEO Sabrina Thunder Smosby

Vibrant Pittsburgh watches over local businesses and nonprofits like Taka.

Since the organization recently released the 2020 Vibrant Index report, it is looking for the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” that characterizes local businesses. The four organizations were considered “lively champions” for their commitment to DEI. However, as Vibrant’s report states, Vibrant Champion’s organizational designation “does not convey perfection.”

The organizations are: Allegheny County Community College. UPMC; PNC Bank; and Pittsburgh’s promise. Of the 78 local organizations that participated in Vibrant Pittsburgh’s voluntary index diagnosis on issues of diversity, equity and inclusiveness, the four mentioned above scored above the 95th percentile.

Marsha Jones, Chief Diversity Officer of PNC Financial Services.

Quintin Block, DDS, President of Allegheny County Community College.

Dr. James E. Taylor, UPMC Chief Diversity Officer.

SALEEM GHUBRIL, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Promise. (Photo by JL Martello)

The Vibrant Index was conducted in collaboration with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

“This year’s Vibrant Champions are proud to be long-term Vibrant member organizations, although each of the nominated vibrant champions is at a different stage in their journey of diversity, fairness and inclusiveness. , We are moving forward to commit to promising practices that we know will actually work, “said vibrant Pittsburgh President and CEO Sabrina Thunders Mosby in an interview with New. , September 21st. “I commend this work and their efforts and commitment to the Pittsburgh region.”

Vibrant Pittsburgh said participation in the report increased by 56%, but the organization wants more companies to participate in the annual report. The 78 factions in the 2020 report represent 118,098 employees, or about 11 percent of the region’s total workforce.

Participating organizations were asked in 10 areas of influence. Written commitment and transparency. Benefits and Policies; Employee Network; Leadership; Training and Education; Accountability Indicators; Human Resources Engagement and Recruitment; Supplier Diversity; Community Engagement; and 2020-Organizations Against Pandemics, Protests, and Socio-Political Unrest Correspondence.

The report found that: 94% of respondents reported that the development of a comprehensive culture was a top priority for the DEI initiative. Eighty-five percent of respondents provided employee assistance programs. 78% of respondents clearly state that they do not discriminate on the basis of their sexual orientation. 76% of respondents have an in-house advisory body that specializes in diversity and inclusiveness.

“The vibrant Pittsburgh is considered an inclusion partner in the region,” said Mosby. “We know that the future of our region depends on our ability to attract and retain diverse talents, so Vibrant works with the organization to bring Pittsburgh to any background, including people of color. It has become a well-established career destination of choice for people on the ground. “

The Vibrant Index Report noted that only 35% of responding organization leaders signed a commitment to support diversity, fairness and inclusiveness. With that statistic in hand, Mosby replied: “Each organization that chose to participate in the Vibrant Index deliberately took a step towards improving practices and policies that were found to be able to build a more comprehensive workplace culture. Organizations reviewed this data. This means that (it) can shape and shift investments in a better direction. It is recommended that companies sign commitments. The benefits of signing share urgency, diversity, There is positive pressure from peers on fairness and inclusiveness. My hope is that each organization in our region will live longer than the feelings of a statement or pledge. “

Mosby also told Courier that he wants more organizations to participate in the vibrant index report exclusively. “All devoted organizations must fully participate in the Vibrant Index initiative, utilize Diagnostic every year, work on this task and promise to improve the region.”

“Recognizing as a vibrant champion is important and meaningful to CCAC,” Kimberly Manigo, vice president of human resources at the school, said in a statement to Courier. “This distinction speaks through our mission to provide access to quality education in a diverse, compassionate and innovative learning environment while maintaining the core values ​​of diversity, community, integrity and learning. It reflects the story. Diversity standards are integrated into our recruiting process, and diversity is a designated ability in our performance assessment. The Vibrant Champion Award confirms these behaviors. “

Vibrant Pittsburgh releases annual report on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ Source link Vibrant Pittsburgh releases annual report on ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’

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