Vice President Harris demands a ban on offensive weapons following the parade massacre – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-07-06 08:13:58 –

After visiting the scene of the shootings on Monday at the Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois, Vice President Kamala Harris urged Congress to pass a ban on offensive weapons.

Harris had previously planned to go to Chicago on Tuesday for the National Education Association’s annual meeting. She added a visit to Highland Park, about 25 miles north of Chicago, following the massacre on Monday, which left seven dead and dozens of injured.

She admitted that Congress passed the first important gun control in 30 years, but said the bill wasn’t well advanced.

“There’s still work to be done,” she told educators on Tuesday. “And Congress needs to have the courage to act and renew the ban on offensive weapons.”

“Let’s talk about what assault weapons are designed to do,” she added. “Assault weapons are designed to kill many humans quickly. There is no reason we have war weapons on the streets of the United States. Reasonable gun safety laws are needed.”

In the United States, a 10-year ban on offensive weapons was passed in 1994 as part of the Violent Crime Control Act and Law Enforcement Act. Congress did not renew the ban in 2004, allowing citizens to own these firearms.

Assault weapons have different definitions, but usually include semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines and pistol grips. These types of firearms have been used in several recent mass shootings.

Republicans have expressed considerable opposition to renewing the ban on offensive weapons.

The federal government’s ban on offensive weapons is not mentioned in the book, but Highland Park passed such an ordinance nearly a decade ago. The law was challenged by the Supreme Court, but the judge refused to hear the case.

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