Victims of multi-vehicle crash describe chaos on Moanalua Freeway – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-07 02:00:18 –

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Victims were upset by confusion in an accident involving multiple vehicles. This happened Saturday afternoon on the Moanalua Highway.Affects both east and west lanes. A woman was taken to the hospital and police said the man escaped from the car he was driving.

According to police, the Nissan Armada, driven by an unidentified man, collided with a Mitsubishi-branded car driven by a 46-year-old woman heading west in the Fort Schaffter area. After the first collision, both vehicles collided with the concrete median strip, spattering debris and damaging the other four vehicles in the eastbound lane.

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Mitsubishi capsized, landed in the eastbound lane and collided with two other vehicles. Glen Muranaka was heading east with his wife.

“We heard this huge shock, but it happened immediately,” Muranaka said. “This car started hitting the median strip, started flying in the sky, and seemed to be approaching us straight, but turned slightly in this direction and landed, the car behind us. Collided with. “

Brad McKinney saw a car passing through a median strip while driving with his wife and two small children.

“I immediately hit a break and started slipping towards it. It happened really fast,” McKinney said. “Still, the car was still stuck on my left side, so all the scratches are from the rolling car.”

Both drivers stopped to make sure everyone was safe.

“When we saw the vehicle capsized 150 feet away, we were more worried about whether the vehicle’s occupants were alive, because the vehicle was huge. It shattered.”

According to police, a 46-year-old woman from Mitsubishi was seriously taken to the hospital. Some of the others involved were only slightly injured. Meanwhile, the Nissan Armada man is reported to have taken off.

“The man who ran away, I saw him. He was one of the people I checked. I saw him jumping on the Nissan Armada, and when I asked him if it was okay, he said it was okay. I answered, “McKinney said.

McKinney didn’t know where the man went, but provided an explanation to the police. Both victims are counting blessings, recalling what happened in front of them.

“It could have been worse. We are grateful that we left unblemished,” McKinney said.

“I think we were lucky. I thank God that the situation had to be destined. We are just lucky,” Muranaka said.

The investigation is still underway and anyone with information is required to call the Vehicular Rhomicide section at (808) 723-3413.

Victims of multi-vehicle crash describe chaos on Moanalua Freeway Source link Victims of multi-vehicle crash describe chaos on Moanalua Freeway

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