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Some of North Carolina’s largest hospital systems require employees to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Vidant Health may soon implement similar requirements.

The North Carolina Healthcare Association announced on Thursday that some of its 130 member medical systems are intended to require employees to be vaccinated. These systems include the Duke University Health System, several UNC Health Hospitals, Atrium Health, Corn Health, Novant Health, and Wake Forest Baptist Health.

“North Carolina hospitals and healthcare systems exist to improve and protect the health of our communities, so we put them at the heart of care that provides the health and safety of our patients, visitors and team members,” NCHA said. States as follows. That member. “In line with that goal, the North Carolina Healthcare Association strongly supports hospital and healthcare system policies that require all hospital employees and members of the clinical team to be vaccinated with COVID-19. NCHA Recognizing that each hospital and healthcare system is unique, we encourage each to determine the right time to implement the requirements. “

All Bidant hospitals, including Bidant Beaufort Hospital, are members of NCHA.

“Vidant Health praises the North Carolina Healthcare Association, American Hospital Association, and Association of American Medical Colleges for their strong commitment to helping and encouraging hospitals and healthcare systems to require team members to be vaccinated with COVID-19. I will read. “Vaccines have proven to be safe and effective. Several hospitals and health systems in North Carolina, and many hospitals across the country, have already announced their intention to request vaccinations for team members. It’s right to do it for the safety of everyone, especially because the variants have proven to be more contagious and severe, especially for unvaccinated people.

“Vidant has not announced the requirements for the COVID vaccine today, but our leadership team is working with infectious disease experts to urgently discuss when and how to perform this step.” The statement continues. “As a medical institution serving and caring for more than 1.4 million people in the east, I want science and data to drive our decisions and set an example for our community. It is our responsibility. “

Increasing cases and hospitalizations for COVID-19 in North Carolina. The state recorded 1,998 new cases on Friday. The number of cases per day in June decreased to 55. As of Thursday, 817 people in North Carolina were hospitalized with COVID-19.

The COVID-19 index for Beaufort County is still low. The average daily number of cases in the county for both 7 and 21 days is less than 5. County indicators tend to follow state trends, but it often takes longer for these trends to become apparent in Beaufort County data than elsewhere.

As of Friday, 45.1% of Beaufort County’s total population was at least partially vaccinated with COVID-19, and 42.2% were fully vaccinated. 55.1% of the county’s adult population was partially vaccinated and about 52% were fully vaccinated.

Vidant ‘urgently discussing’ vaccine mandate – Washington Daily News Source link Vidant ‘urgently discussing’ vaccine mandate – Washington Daily News

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