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Arlington, Texas 2021-04-16 10:45:18 –

Move up jazz, There is a new heir to Arlington’s cute crown.

Adorable baby red fox around 5 pm on Easter Sunday kit — I was caught by a camera in the backyard of a house in the Rock Spring district near Jamestown Elementary School.

Sally Granade was in Jamestown Park with her daughter when her husband called her.

“He called and said,’Oh, this fox was staggering in the yard. I got a glass of water and put it out, and now it’s chasing me,” Granade said. I told ARLnow.

With fox health Rabies risk, She told him not to touch it right away, and they Called Arlington’s Animal Welfare League..

According to Granade, the park ranger arrived within 15 minutes and told his family that the baby fox was neither sick nor injured, just very young and a little lost.

Kit is believed to have wandered from a burrow that he now believes Granade was under her hut when her mother was leaving the house.

“Mom may have been hunting or moving the kit from one den to another. The kit happened to make enough noise for the homeowner to notice him,” said AWLA. Spokesman Chelsea Jones writes.

AWLA believes the kit is only a few weeks old.That is, the kit Garbage season from late March to early April.. However, they could not confirm the sex of the baby.

The park ranger requested a four-sided box to gently place the fox there so that the fox could not wander any further and could be found when the mother returned.

Granade had only a wicker basket, so a cute video of a baby fox crouching in the basket.

The policemen set out at the request of their mother to keep an eye out.

Sure enough, only about an hour or two later, the family found her.

“We probably saw the mother crouching around the background … and by the morning, the baby was gone,” Granade says.

Jones says Granade and her family did exactly what they were supposed to do, not touching wildlife and calling an expert immediately.

“Because there are zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, it is very important that the general public does not come into contact with wildlife unless absolutely necessary,” Jones wrote. I will. “If you need to touch an animal (in a very dangerous place, seriously injured, etc.), it is very important to wear thick gloves or use a towel.”

Foxes are certainly not uncommon in Arlington, but last year AWLA received more calls about foxes and other wildlife. It has more to do with humans than with animals.

“In the last year, wildlife calls have increased, which we see in the wildlife that so many people stay at home during the day and usually miss because of their work. That’s why, “Jones wrote.

Jones says it’s normal to find a kit in mid-April because this is the time the kit leaves the burrow.

In general, foxes do not pose a threat to humans, They have rabies, Can be dangerous for pets. They’re fun to watch, but keep a safe distance to keep foxes, pets, and humans all safe, Jones says.

For Granade, it was a memorable Easter Sunday night for her and her family, helping the baby fox and her mother reunite.

“I was really impressed with the good work done by the Animal Welfare Federation,” she says. “They are back to get the basket.”

Photo courtesy Arlington Animal Welfare League / Facebook

Video: Lost Baby Fox in Arlington Backyard, Before It Was Reunited With Mom Source link Video: Lost Baby Fox in Arlington Backyard, Before It Was Reunited With Mom

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