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This summer, the University of Washington’s Mobile Health Outreach Van will bring some basic healthcare services to homeless people who may have trouble getting to the clinic.

For a new van Official ribbon cut On April 30th, celebrating the project, it took several years to bear fruit.

Student volunteer Nina Cook will showcase the features of the new Mobile Health Outreach Van.Kiyomi Taguchi / UW News

The van is equipped like a small clinic. There are privacy curtains and examination tables, sinks with hot water, sphygmomanometer cuffs, wound care product shelves, hand sanitizers, wipes and snacks. There are solar panels for auxiliary electricity and sunshades for added protection from the elements. Most importantly, it sits on wheels and fulfills its mission to meet people who are supposed to address their health care needs.

Various student outreach groups, coordinated by health science student volunteers such as Nina Cook, a graduate student in the Faculty of Social Work, use vans several times a month. On a warm May night, she was part of a volunteer team gathered by. University District Street Medicine Parking lot in U district. These include medical students, nursing students, and “leaders”, in this case associate nurses with many years of experience in providing guidance.

As people approached the van, the students explained what services they could offer, from skin condition tests to blood pressure checks. We introduced medical services that we couldn’t go to on the spot, and discussed issues and challenges for volunteers to maintain their health on the streets. Visitors can choose to carry hygiene products, water and light meals with them.

Student volunteers look at medicines in the van.

A team of experts works to address patient health care issues.Kiyomi Taguchi / UW News

Actually Get a van Is the culmination of many years of work by an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty and staff from the entire Health Sciences Unit at the University of Washington. This project is part of a promotion to provide students with a hands-on experience of servicing communities in need.

The second purpose is to promote a collaborative approach to health care with students from various health science disciplines. The outreach team brings together students in nursing, public health, medicine, pharmacies, dentistry, physiotherapy, and social work. Volunteers learn to learn about each other, each other, and each other and work together when talking to patients. This is the same way you work together in your future career.

“When working in a community environment with a team of professionals, students can practice teamwork in a unique and sometimes unparalleled way during clinical rotation,” he said. Tracy Bras, Director UW Health Sciences Interprofessional Education Initiative..

Cook said he felt that working with students from other disciplines gave him a broader view of the needs of his patients. “It was a real highlight for me to be able to step into this world of professionals,” she said.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to see what we can do in the future,” he said. Leonora Clark, UW School of Medicine Service learning Program manager and major organizer of van projects. She hopes that one day they will be able to provide stronger clinical care such as vaccination.

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Video: Mobile health van student volunteers collaborate in service to the community Source link Video: Mobile health van student volunteers collaborate in service to the community

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