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Good morning (if you’re in Washington DC) and welcome to other parts of the world.

Here Oliver Holmes launched a live US political blog to make sure it wasn’t a lazy Sunday. Donald Trump While still in the hospital with Covid-19, doctors are still taking the drug under study. US elections are just a month away.

The main developments for those who are sleeping or just taking a break are:

  • Playing cards His wife, he posted a video message on Saturday night saying “I’m doing well” Melania Is “very successful” and will be a “real test” the next few days after he is taken to the hospital on Covid-19.
  • The 74-year-old woman was pale and seemed a little faint, but the video was the first opportunity to assess his condition after a contradictory report on his health.
  • His medical team said: “I haven’t left the forest yet, but the team is cautiously optimistic.”..
  • Top Trump Assistant Nick Luna The Covid-19 test was positive.
  • Joe Biden The campaign promises to announce the results of all future Covid tests that candidates will receive.
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo I’m leaving for Japan on Sunday, but I’m not going to Mongolia and South Korea as originally planned. Playing cards Diagnosis.

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