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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-10-09 20:22:47 –

Estes Park, ColoradoKDVR) — Wildlife authorities are urging residents and tourists in northern Colorado towns to pay attention to high-altitude elks after receiving numerous close-knit camera calls.

October traditionally shows the peak of elk rutting as men try to assemble a female harem and other bulls try to place it on the proverbial depth chart. Majestic animals are a common place in Estes Park.

“”[Bulls] Can be very aggressive, especially if they think someone or something is threatening [their] A group of women, “said Chase Lylands, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Manager.

Keep away from wildlife, authorities warn

On Thursday, Lylands spent most of the afternoon at Bond Park, always reminding people to leave the resting Bruelk and the harem of about 30 cows.

Many approached Elk to take a selfie and even asked if a woman could have a pet in Lylands.

“You might think it’s common sense to stay away from these animals, but there are still people who do,” he says.

Locals like Chris Hazelton say it has worsened in recent years and more and more people are flocking to the area to witness the fall ruts.

“It feels pretty escalated,” she said. “And people seem to ignore the rules more and get closer and closer to animals.”

Hazelton runs Estes Park News, Documenting their close call Website When Facebook page..

“We’ve seen it every day this fall,” she said. “Every time we see a flock, people are too close.”

How to tell if you’re too close to the elk

Mr. Lylands said approaching is dangerous not only for humans, but also for Elk, who is consuming large amounts of energy at this time of the year to prepare for mating.

“Whenever they get the chance to sleep and rest, they’re going to take it,” he said.

Rylands recommends using “rule of thumb”. This includes putting your hand in front and giving up your thumb. If the entire elk is covered with your thumb, you may be at a safe distance. If not, he recommends taking a few steps back.

“If you do something to change Elk’s behavior, you’re too close,” he said.

Video shows bull elk charge onlookers in Colorado park Source link Video shows bull elk charge onlookers in Colorado park

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