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VIDEO: St. Louis Porch Pirate Takes Package, Leaves DoorDash Order – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-10 13:37:00 –

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  • Screenshot via KMOV
  • Security footage shows a pirate on the pouch putting a white Amazon package in a doordash bag.

The thief’s plans to use door-dash bags and takeaway orders from the St. Louis Bread Company as covers to steal luggage from homes in St. Louis County have confused restaurants, companies, and victims.

KMOV got a scoop of stories — Enterprising Pouch Pirate Activity Earlier This WeekReporter Emma Hogg interviewed homeowner David Hayes. He explained how he received the notification that the Amazon package was delivered on June 8th.

But later that day, Hayes didn’t find Amazon’s luggage at the front door. Instead, there was a brown paper bag of bread takeaway food that he didn’t order.

Hayes checked his security footage. It showed that a man wearing a gray baseball cap, red T-shirt, and sandals was approaching the door with something that looked like an insulated red bag from the DoorDash brand. The man takes out a paper bag of Bread’s food, uses almost the same movement, and uses the same hand to grab the Amazon package containing Hayes’ daughter’s shirt and secure it to the bag.

The entire “delivery” from quick exchange to leaving took less than 5 seconds. Hayes believes it indicates that the thief has done this before, and told Hogg that “it seemed quite deceptive and well-thought-out.”

But things get stranger. Based on the receipt, Saint Louis Bread Company told Hayes that the order was reported to be missing earlier in the day, but was not ordered from the DoorDash app.

Meanwhile, KMOV reports that it has contacted DoorDash. “They are still investigating whether drivers are working for them.”

The thief may have let go of the package, but the moving parts of his plan need to ponder a lot.Why if he is actually a current or former DoorDash employee Actually A food order on the original receipt that same day, a clear paper trail that the St. Louis County Police Department (who told KMOV that he was investigating the theft) would be curious to note.

There is also the question of how a “missing” food order by a trivial criminal can be reproduced. That scene From Raiders of the Lost Ark But instead of a golden idol it’s an Amazon package and a bag of sand is a bread company.

In an interview, Hayes suggests that it makes sense for someone to use food as a “bait” to steal luggage, but is it because the decoy was obtained by yet another theft? Does not explain whether it was obtained by an unknown plot of.

It’s a mysterious mystery — yet, as far as the criminal’s calling card is concerned, it can do much worse than leaving food for the victim.

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VIDEO: St. Louis Porch Pirate Takes Package, Leaves DoorDash Order Source link VIDEO: St. Louis Porch Pirate Takes Package, Leaves DoorDash Order

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