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Florence, South Carolina 2021-07-16 13:19:09 –

Stowe, OhioWJW) – Travis Shrout says he and his family finished their vacation in North Carolina on the weekend of July 4th.

“It was the last day on the beach that week …. Everyone else decided to come back and drink water, but a family friend asked me to come back and test the drone’s tracking capabilities. “It was,” said Shrout, 18,.

Schlaut, a sophomore at Hyrum University in Ohio, said he was quite far from the waters of Topsail Beach when he noticed his mother and son struggling underwater.

“She was right next to him when I first started talking to her. By the time I got to her, he was probably sucked out 15 feet. How fast the current is moving It’s just crazy, “Shlaut said.

Schlaut said the lifeguard skills he learned at YMCA in Akron, Ohio were immediately demonstrated. First, he swam to his mother and handed him a bodyboard.

“As soon as I gave it to her, I started swimming to a 10-year-old boy as soon as possible. He was up and down in the water. He probably fell four or five times,” Schlaut said. ..

He went under the boy’s body and told him to lean forward. After a while, when Mom joined them on the bodyboard, all three began to float on the shore. However, the sea has its own spirit and was not yet clear.

“Several waves came over our heads, and I didn’t know how many of those waves came. They completely submerged us all. So it’s a little scary. “, Said Schlaut.

Schlaut and mom put the boy back on the bodyboard. He said she tried to let go and swim nearby but didn’t move much.

“So I said,’Let’s float here. We understand it. We are no longer in imminent danger. As you know, we can enter.” Said Schlaut.

It was demanding help, but Schlaut was calm. Eventually, I helped another teen swim with a second bodyboard and pull the trio to the shore.

“That is, the push was exhausting the last few meters. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to pull them out,” Schlaut said.

Since the rescue, family, friends, strangers on social media, and even the former boss of Riverfront YMCA have praised Schlaut’s courage. He said attention wasn’t really his style, but he hopes the story brings awareness.

“If it helps, only one person you know realizes the danger of how crazy the flow is and how scary the ocean is. Then why not tell it? ?” He said.

VIDEO: Teen rescues mom and son during North Carolina vacation Source link VIDEO: Teen rescues mom and son during North Carolina vacation

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