Video: Thieves Run Off With BLM Sign Taken from Home Near Rosslyn – Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas 2021-03-22 14:00:49 –

Arlington County Police are investigating the theft of the Black Lives Matter sign from a house near Rothlin.

The theft was on 20th Road N in Arlington’s North Highlands district. Reported on Saturday in 2000 blocks of.

“On March 20, police received an online report of theft,” according to an ACPD crime report. “It was reported that at around 12:18 am on March 20, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s driveway and stole the Black Lives Matter sign from the front yard.”

Homeowner Jennifer Elera tells ARLnow that theft stolen in a home video surveillance system is part of a recent pattern.

“”[There have been] Another example from a neighbor with a stolen sign, “she said. Neighbors next to us had their signature stolen and their car locked. Recently, when another family was walking by my house and a child pointed to my BLM sign and asked my mother if it was their sign, she said, “No, our sign is It was stolen. ” When I noticed that there was no sign, I walked around the block and noticed that there were no more houses with BLM signs in the yard the day before. “

The county saw it repeated again Vandalism Black Lives Matter and other racial justice Sign Locally Church..

In the video, Herrera points out that one of the suspects asks, “What’s the number?” The other appears to be reading the address from his phone. It seems to indicate a systematic effort to steal the signs, she said.

“The most annoying thing about all of this is that it seems to be a systematic and deliberate effort,” she told ARLnow. “Cars came down and picked up these individuals, stealing neighborhood signs and perhaps major cars.”

Herrera said the pair looked like a young adult. She hopes her video will help “reveal the organized and malicious … activity happening in Arlington.”

Police provided additional explanations for the suspect in the crime report.

“Suspect 1 is described as a white woman with an average physique and blonde hair,” said ACPD. “Suspect 2 is described as a white man, lean, about 6 feet tall, and has black hair. An investigation is ongoing.”

Video: Thieves Run Off With BLM Sign Taken from Home Near Rosslyn Source link Video: Thieves Run Off With BLM Sign Taken from Home Near Rosslyn

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