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Bromance lives on these two! Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were found to be in the US Open Men’s Singles Final on September 12th and looked more handsome than ever.

NS 2021 US Open It was a case where a lot of stars were studded.Best companion Brad Pitt, 57, and Bradley Cooper, 46, decided to spend Men’s Day at the US Open on September 12th in New York City. Brad and Bradley sat side by side to watch the Serbian match. Novak Djokovic And russia Daniil Medvedev Participated in the men’s singles final.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at the 2021 US Open. (John Minchiro / AP / Shutterstock)

Both actors kept things fashionably casual for the US Open outing. Brad wore a bucket hat, a blue shirt, and gray trousers. He remained in the shade for most of the match. He had a blue mask hanging from his ear. Bradley wore a light blue shirt and dark blue trousers.

Brad and Bradley have been close friends for many years. NS Once Upon A Time In Hollywood The star admits that he helped Bradley calm down. Brad thanked Brad for his help when he received the Bradley Award at the National Board of Review Awards in January 2020.

“Thank you, Bradley. Bradley did this in a hurry after putting her daughter to sleep,” Brad said. Vulture.. “I’ve been calm for this guy and I’ve been happy every day since then.” “He’s a lover … I love you, and I thank you,” he said. I added.

Brad is currently in the midst of a nasty custody battle with the former Angelina Jolie.. In early September Brad asked the California Supreme Court Consider the California Court of Appeals’ decision to disqualify a private judge he and Angie chose a few years ago.Blood Grant joint custody Of their five underage children.

Brad Pitt Bradley Cooper
Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were sitting side by side in a tennis match. (Ellalin / Shutterstock)

Brad’s lawyer Theodore J. Boutras Junior Gibson Dan Hollywood Life“The extraordinary judge appointed and renewed by both sides was improperly disqualified after providing detailed factual detention decisions after lengthy legal proceedings by multiple witnesses and experts.” Said. His lawyer also said, “A party losing custody of a child by allowing the lower court’s decision to wait for the likely direction of the case before seeking disqualification of the judge. Will reward them and tolerate their gamemanship. ” Allowing the use of this type of strategic “liar” disqualification challenge, by unnecessarily extending the resolution of these disputes in already overloaded courts, the children and families involved in this case, and in other cases A system that causes irreparable harm to both other families. Allowing this kind of clever litigation strategy would disqualify the judge for minor reasons during the proceedings, depriving parents of irreplaceable time with their children. Lower court rulings are bad for children and for California’s overweight judicial system. “

View Hank’s Photos-Hollywood Life

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