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General Motors provides the world with electric Hummers with the power to transform truck buyers.

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Combine three motors to make 1000 horsepower. Those with 4-digit power are cool, aren’t they?

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GMC says the Edition 1 model travels 350 miles during charging. With the release of Edition 1 model this fall, more models and EUV versions will be available next fall.

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Clubwalk mode uses rear steer to mimic the ’95 K2500 on the freeway, but for better maneuverability and only works up to 15 mph.

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After feeling Watt in Freedom mode, I’m confident that Launch Control will offer a sprint of 60mph in 3.0 seconds.

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Adaptive dampers and air springs deliver an incredible ride quality never before achieved with this curve weight (more than 9000 lbs).

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The Hummer EV is a removable roofed pickup. Where have you seen it before? That is correct. I hope it will be more successful than the Chevrolet SSR.

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The Ultium battery pack holds 200.0 kilowatt-hours of available power, and its 576 cells alone weigh over 1500 pounds. During charging, the headlights on the driver’s side act as a charging indicator.

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View photos of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV

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