Vigil held to remember, honor Detective Jeremy Brown – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-07-25 00:19:47 –

Clark County Detective Jeremy Brown was killed on duty on Friday

Vancouver, WA (KOIN) — More than 150 people gathered at a rally on Friday night to remember Clark County detective Jeremy Brown, who was killed on duty.

Many on alert said they didn’t know 46 years old personally, but they Church of truth Honor him on NE4 1st Street in Vancouver and cheer up his family and community.

Brown was shot dead while monitoring at the Point Apartment Complex. Two suspects have been detained, and the third is armed and considered dangerous and loose.

Kelly and John Parker attended the alert and said they came for love and the community.

“When we got together here tonight, Ray Reynolds was here to influence our lives and share the importance of Jeremy and how much he actually influenced.” Kelly said.

The group listened to live music and prayers, and one speaker said, “I appeal to heaven so that we can live a peaceful life, confront and pay homage to those who have killed and sacrificed for us. I appealed to heaven to do it. ”Including Brown.

Clark County Adjutant was shot dead at The Point Apartments in eastern Vancouver on July 23, 2021 (KOIN)

“It was a precious gesture that he signed on, and I really feel that it happened to him, and I was very regretful of his family,” Kelly said.

Local worship leader Bogdan Rendell said he was leading prayer worship in a local church when the shooting took place.

“That’s very sad,” Rendell said. “He goes to places I can’t go personally, stands there, and while people sleep, enjoy freedom and life, basically his life for our safety and the safety of the community. Dedicated. “

Bogdan did not speak in the Church of Truth, but said he was there to provide assistance.

“We can now unite and unite in these sad times,” he said.

The shooting occurred within 24 hours of vigilance. The heartfelt words of some speakers left a lasting impact on those who gathered to remember Jeremy Brown.

“It was barely enough, but we’re glad we were united,” Rendell said.

“Seek blessings, love and peace from his family,” said John Parker.

Vigil held to remember, honor Detective Jeremy Brown Source link Vigil held to remember, honor Detective Jeremy Brown

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