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It’s finally here.After feeling like an era, Dennis Villeneuve adapted Frank Herbert’s original sci-fi classic. Dunes Hit the theater. Of course, it’s a property with a difficult cinematic heritage. David Lynch’s infamous 1984 edition packed the entire novel into 2 hours and 17 minutes. Lynch wanted to remove his name from the final product, so it wasn’t well accepted.

The Villeneuve film is two and a half hours and covers only the first half of the book. It is not yet known if it will be successful enough to provide Part 2.— —During the festival, Villeneuve Dunes We received similarly divided responses from critics and the audience.

So what about all that expectation aside? Dunes, For real?

al right.

Villeneuve’s films have some incredibly special parts.Regardless of your feelings about the director’s claim that you watch his movie In the theaterIt is true that this is best viewed on the largest screen possible.

Villeneuve, production designer Patrice Vermet, and cinematographer Greig Fraser work together to create a huge space and seemingly simple architecture, creating stunning work on the perfect scale if you feel like an ant.So if you have to see Dunes, Should be displayed in IMAX.

But none of this changes the fact that the film is primarily an action and character development table setting and goes into Part 2. Dunes Spend a lot of time on viewers who promise that things won’t get interesting just by actually picking up the steam in the last 30 minutes before suddenly ending with an intriguing but frustrating note.Think of it like a blockbuster version Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘NS Season 1: To get to the good, you need to do this first.

Given the complex combination of politics, economy and ecology of the novel, for the honor of Villeneuve, the film does a solid job of building the world. The desert planet Arakis is a source of precious minerals called melange or “spices” and is sacred to its indigenous Flehmen and the interstellar travel resources needed outside the world.

The planet is also the property of the empire. At the beginning of the film, the Galactic Emperor changes Arakis’ stewardship from the greedy Harkonen clan to the more progressive Atreides family. Patriarch Duke Let (Oscar Isaac), along with his partner Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and son Paul (Timothy Chalamet), mobilized his army to set up a store in Arakis. ..

Shortly after their arrival, the obese and levitating villain Baron Harkonen (Stellan Skarsgard) begins a coup, driving Paul and Lady Jessica into the dangerous desert. In addition, Paul has a glimpse of a dream featuring a Flehmen girl (Zendaya) and a future in which he plays an important role. Mrs. Jessica, a member of the powerful Bene Geserit religious denomination, believes Paul may be a savior of some sort, which may have been confirmed by the denominational leader (Charlotte Rampling). I have.

Dunes The movie boasts a vast cast of interesting characters that we can’t spend much time on as it jumps between plot lines. In many cases, Dunes It focuses on the imperial economy and the environment of Arakis. Both are interesting, but there isn’t much dramatic tension. As the blood begins to spill past Shakespeare’s historical drama setup, Chalamet’s Paul becomes his own.

It’s a good casting because Chalamet can play a noble born man who is as pale as anyone’s job. But evolving into a divinely appointed leader will be a daunting task in Part 2. Meanwhile, Part 1 unpleasantly doubles the character’s white savior nature. (Yes, Dunes Fans, I think it was intentional before you came to me. )

Surrounding it all is a sparse, modern design that defines Villeneuve’s other science fiction epics. arrival When Blade Runner 2049.. It’s a spectacular, extra-worldly hard science fiction look. But I must say that it is also a bit bland and serious. It’s hard to find something ridiculous in nature, like Patrick Stewart in a military dress with a pug in Villeneuve’s story.this Dunes‘NS The narrative similarities with Middle Eastern culture are clear, but their impact is visually negligible.

This is all to say, nothing Dunes Offended. Some of it is really impressive.But unfortunately it’s hard to find Inspiration.. Given the length of the movie, it’s a special disappointment. There is a suggestion that if the second half of the story turns green, you will end up with something worth the excitement.

If you can survive the equivalent of a promising two and a half hour pilot, you may find some rewards in the future.

Villeneuve’s Dune is a lengthy pilot for a better sequel Source link Villeneuve’s Dune is a lengthy pilot for a better sequel

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