Violent Femmes Adds Up To Blistering Good Time – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-26 20:39:58 –

Violent Femmes is back as a local hero at the Headlining Show at Summerfest on the Generac Power Stage on Friday night. Known to never disappoint, the alternative rock band has played with the talent that has defined showmanship for the past 40 years. The audience was crowded with enthusiastic fans who followed the band’s journey and people who praised all the femmes, and everyone was overjoyed by the legendary musicians.

Breaking barriers early in their career, the show was full of their famous energy, edgy and rebellious. Funky, up-tempo, bright and gritty Violent Femmes has returned the nostalgic groove to the Summerfest stage. New and innovative feelings remain strong throughout their careers.

Probably the biggest band from Milwaukee, Violent Femmes played a hit that has endured the test of time. Fascinating and nostalgic people flocked to hear the songs that define their generation. At 10 pm, cool air and cool atmosphere created perfect atmosphere and electrical energy, and the ocean of Generation X rushed into their youth music.

Violent Femmes was extremely versatile, with each member of the band easily switching between different types of drums, violins and banjos. Overwhelming skill and personality found in every aspect of performance.

Each song brought the choir of the voice of the audience and the enthusiasm to sing along with the famous songs. Witnessing the audience connect with the band and connect with each other is nothing less than Milwaukee’s magic that can only happen at Summerfest. Despite the failure in “I Danced”, Fem’s was considered with true praise.

The melody of the popular song ending with “Blister in the Sun” echoed far beyond the Generac Power Stage. Groovy, funky and playful, Violent Femmes has shown the genre of alternative rock genre. The legacy of Violent Femmes is alive.

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