Viral TikTok challenge impacting schools in the Denver metro – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-16 23:43:49 –

Denver-Colorado school districts are sending warnings to students. Be prepared to damage your property and face the consequences.

The warning comes shortly after a new viral TikTok challenge that records that a student has damaged and destroyed a school bathroom. Some students steal items such as soap dispensers, hand dryers and urinals.

Video of vandalism posted on TikTok often leads to an increase in students’ TikTok views. However, state-wide school districts warn that other consequences could be severe punishment.

“My teacher couple [say] “Don’t steal the soap dispenser,” said Samantha Kakias, a junior at Littleton High School, every time someone asked to go to the bathroom.

Denver7 confirmed that at least seven school districts experienced vandalism as a result of the “Devious Lick” challenge. Denver Public School, Cherry Creek School, Douglas County School District, Westminster Public School, Boulder Valley School District, Jeffco Public School, Thompson School District.

School districts are forced to lock toilets and have fewer bathrooms open on campus, so the results of assignments are often communicated throughout the student’s body.

“I’m a little upset when my kid has to go home because he has to change his pants or jack up and not change into the bathroom,” he said. Zachary Boyer, the parent of two students at Littleton High School, said.

Cherry Creek School sent an email to parents this week stating that the results included “suspension, compensation, law enforcement referrals, and / or dropouts.”

“You are destroying things and making it more difficult for others to have access to these things when people need them,” Boyer said. “If you’re going to do something wrong, don’t expect to get candies or cupcakes later.”

TikTok has addressed this challenge by removing the “DeviousLick” hashtag from its social media platform.

Viral TikTok challenge impacting schools in the Denver metro Source link Viral TikTok challenge impacting schools in the Denver metro

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