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Virgil’s Plant Shop hosts drive for Longfellow Elementary – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-05 17:57:38 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Longfellow Elementary School is grateful to the owners of Virgil’s Plant Shop. Leva Hamilton opened a small business physical store in April and undertook it himself to prepaid it in the neighborhood of the new Longfellow.

“When I had a small business owner who had nothing to do with the school, I moved in and said,’I want to help the school,’ and she did that,” said Principal Jimmy Bullard. ..

Bullard says Hamilton contacted her by email asking what the students needed before the new school year. In addition to the school supplies list, Hamilton donated additional items such as water bottles, face masks, hand sanitizers, and new headphones. She ran a donation drive in her business, and her family also donated $ 1,000 for that purpose.

“It was like one of the moments you wanted to cry,” Bullard said.

Bullard says such donations remove the financial burden of many families she serves. Parents can now set their money aside for utilities and food at home.

“That’s a big deal, because 90% of our students are’free and have less lunch,'” said Bullard.

It was a difficult year to meet the needs of her students and their families, but Bullard appreciates the humanity found in her neighborhood for supporting their mission. I can, I do, I believe.

“As a school and as a community, we can do anything if we have a community that puts their arms around you and believes in you,” Bullard said.

Virgil’s Plant Shop hosts drive for Longfellow Elementary Source link Virgil’s Plant Shop hosts drive for Longfellow Elementary

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