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Many officials sought to win in more than 12 House primaries on Tuesday night, but three incumbents in northern Virginia were caught up in fierce competition and in some cases defeated. Was heading for.

Many lawmakers sought to win as more than 12 House primaries were voted on Tuesday night, but the three incumbents in northern Virginia were caught up in fierce competition. In some cases, I noticed that I was heading for defeat.

In 45th ward, Challenger Elizabeth Bennett ParkerThe Associated Press predicts that Alexandria city council member and deputy mayor of the city, Alexandria, has defeated incumbent Del Mark Levine.

The area includes the city of Alexandria and parts of Arlington and Fairfax counties. Levine was first elected in 2015.

Levine sought a re-nomination for the House of Representatives, as well as a Democratic nomination as vice-governor. In the end, he lost both races.

Levine was in third place in the six-seater vice-governor’s election, with a close margin. In his re-nomination battle, informal votes showed that challenger Bennett Parker had an overwhelming lead over his current position-almost 60% to 40%.

Levine ran for seats in 2019 and 2017 without competing.

Bennett-Parker, co-director of the non-profit vocational training program Together We Bake, faces Republicans JD Maddox, National security consultant and business owner during the fall general election.

In all provinces reported in 50 wards, Del Lee Carter launched a long-shot campaign for the Democratic Governor of Virginia, and at the same time sought re-election to the House of Representatives, but fell behind the challenger. Michelle E. Lopez-Maldonnad In a tough race.

Informal votes are based on polls posted online by the Virginia Department of Virginia, where Carter, the first democratic socialist to be elected in the 2017 democratic wave, is a former lawyer and small business. Elections that showed about 38% vs. 44% more than the owner, Lopez Maldonado.

The Associated Press wasn’t calling the race shortly before midnight on Tuesday. However, in a tweet, Carter appeared to have conceded the race.

Carter said the agent’s job “has made me miserable for the last four years,” and now it’s someone else’s turn. He said he faced it. He also noted his achievements in expanding health insurance coverage, legalizing marijuana, and abolishing the death penalty.

Carter also lost his candidacy for the Democratic governor’s election.Former Governor Terry McAuliffe Lost in the race on Tuesday night..

Challenger Maldonado declared victory in his election campaign, accepted the Democratic nomination “with great enthusiasm and humility” on Twitter, and “to win this autumn race and lead you to success. I’m proud to say that I promised to work hard every day. “

Community activist Helen Anne Zurita won just under 18% of the votes in the race.

The 50th district, which includes parts of Prince William County and Manassas City, has a total turnout of over 3,500, well above the turnout of the 2019 Democratic primary.

In an interview with WTOP, Maldonado said during the campaign over the past few months, “What I’ve heard in the field is that people feel like they’re out of hearing and left behind. about it. “

Maldonado faces in the fall Dr. Steve Prekhart, A dentist in Northern Virginia, as her Republican challenger.

“I’m feeling excited and energetic, and I’m ready to move forward for the November 2 elections with great momentum and a great team,” said Maldonado.

She cited the economy recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, and transportation and infrastructure as top priorities.

2021 Virginia Primary Election Coverage

In 86 wards, Part of Fairfax County and Loudoun County, incumbent Del. Ibrahim S. SamiraHe was the first to win the 2019 by-election and was a younger challenger. Irene SinghWas the director of a non-profit organization focused on civic participation and was a very tough race.

When all constituencies reported results, Shin led Samira from 51.61% to 48.39%. According to informal tabulation, only 230 votes split two of the 6,600 candidates. The Associated Press hasn’t called for this race, but Samira confirmed it on Twitter shortly before midnight.

Winners face Republicans Julie Perry, Autumn high school history teacher.

Overall, 14 Democratic incumbents faced challenges from within their own party, more than three times more than the number of Democratic incumbents who faced major opponents in 2019 or 2017.

The results of Tuesday’s primaries set the stage for a fall general election contest challenged by Republicans to the Democratic Party, which has taken full control of the state government in 2020.

In 31 wardsAP predicts that incumbent Elizabeth Guzman, Virginia’s busiest Democratic primary, has managed to protect her seat from three challengers in a closely monitored race. ..

Gazman, who failed to nominate the Democratic vice-governor but got out of the race to focus on the House re-election campaign, was leading the next closest challenger, RD, with a turnout of just under 54%. ” Rod ”Hall, Transportation Policy Advisor.

Idris A. Jibowu-O’Connor got just under 5% of the votes cast in an informal poll. Another candidate, Kara A. Pitek, received 4.64%.

The district straddles Prince William and Fauquier counties and is considered competitive in the fall.

Gusman, who made a strong liberal voice at the UN General Assembly and was considered an ally of progressive flag bearer Bernie Sanders, ran without a vote in 2019.

Guzman thanked voters on Twitter.

Guzman faces Republican challenger Ben BaldwinHe is a financial adviser and a member of the Prince William County Council in the fall.

In 2nd wardThe Associated Press predicted Del. Candy King Easily dodge challenges from Pam Montgomery.

Rev. King has just won a seat in the January special election, beating Republican Heather Mitchell to replace Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy, who ran for governor.

The area contains Prince William and parts of Stafford County.

King faces Republicans Gina Charsia, Teacher, November.

In 34 wardsIncludes, Fairfax and Loudoun counties, Dell. Kathleen J. MurphyFirst elected in 2015, defeated challenger Jennifer M. AdeliAccording to AP, he is a small business owner and activist. 19 of the 24 wards reported, with Murphy leading Adeli by 73% to 26.97%.

Murphy confronts Republicans in November Gary PanIs a business owner and citizen leader who previously ran for the 2019 elections.

In 36 wardsAlso, according to AP, incumbent Ken PlumDefeated a major challenge from Mary K. “Red” Barcelson. Plum faced a major challenge for the first time in more than 20 years.

In almost every constituency report, Plum, who has held seats since 1982, led Barcelson by 75.24% vs. 24.76%.

Plum faces Republicans Matt LangeNovember, a veteran and security consultant.

AP also predicted the victory of the Democratic incumbent Dell. Kay Collie In 38 wards, Located in Fairfax County. First elected in 2009, Collie led the lawyer and animal advocate challenger Holly Hazard at 62% vs. 38%, reporting in most constituencies.

The Republican for the November race is Tom Pufford.

In 49th wardIncumbent Dell, including parts of Arlington County and Fairfax County. Alfonso H. Lopez The challenge from the kindergarten teacher Karishma Meta was also evaded. The Associated Press called for Lopez’s race. 16 of the 21 wards were reported, with Lopez leading the meter from 69.51% to 30.49%.

Lopez will face Republican Timothy Kirkalen in the fall.

Most Republican governor candidates were previously elected at party conventions, but Republican voters sought opinion from several members of the House of Representatives on primary election day. 51 wards. Expected AP Tim CoxDefeated Jeffrey A. Dub Jr., a U.S. Navy veteran, Republican IT contractor, and Republican veteran. Cox led Dub with 77% vs. 24% turnout in all constituency reports.

The area in Prince William County is considered highly competitive. Currently, Hala Ayala was elected in 2017, but Hala Ayala, who resigned to seek the Democratic nomination of the vice-governor, holds the seat. Brianna SchuellPrince William County Chairman Anne Wheeler’s Chief of Staff has not been opposed to the Democratic nomination.

The Associated Press and WTOP’s Kyle Cooper contributed to this report.

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