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Virginia Beach councilman wants state to allow for local term limits, ban on city workers holding office – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-19 00:38:37 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — City Councilor Aaron Rouse wants the Virginia General Assembly to empower Virginia Beach to impose term limits and limits on who can run for city council status.

Rouse has included both ideas in the city’s legislative agenda, which is still under development. The annual agenda is used to communicate city priorities to state legislators for legislative meetings. Virginia is a state known as Dillon Rule, which means that the municipality has authority to the extent approved by the General Assembly.

One of Rouse’s proposals would require a change in the Virginia code, and another would require a multi-year process to amend the state’s constitution.

At a city council meeting last week, Mr. Rouse said he made a proposal after receiving feedback from members on “potential conflicts of interest.” It soon became clear that the idea was not fully supported by the city council.

“I hope it’s the organization’s will to reject this,” Rocky Holcomb city council member said when he brought up Rouse’s proposal to limit who could run.

Specifically, Rouse’s request was that state legislators told the city council that “city officials and officials of institutions budgeted by the governing body, including constitutional officials and school board officials, are candidates for election. Is to empower to prohibit that, or to appoint a mayor or a member of the city council to the office. “

Holcomb, who has been working at Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office since 2001, Recently appointed to fill the seats of former councilor Jessica Abbott Until a special election is held.

“I hope this isn’t a personal attack on me, I really do,” Holcomb told 10 On Your Side on Monday.

“It wasn’t personal,” Rouse said at the same meeting last week. “I heard from the community about conflicts of interest, or potential conflicts of interest. The city council budgets the organization. Where the members are. “

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The city council helps set up local funding for the sheriff’s budget, the other half being provided by the state.

Holcomb has already made it clear how to handle items that are relevant to the employer.

“Money is coming from the city to the sheriff’s office, I’m not going to affect it. I won’t vote for it, I’ll refrain from it,” Holcomb said. “We have the conflict of interest laws and conflict of interest rules that we apply.”

Holcomb would not be the first councilor in the region to theoretically have a say in his employer’s financing. Norfolk City Councilman Tommy Smigiel is the principal of Norfolk Public School.

“We talk about diversity. We need to talk about diversity in the council. Diversity isn’t just about gender, race, and sexual orientation. It’s also about the gender of experience. And the history of the workplace and the workplace. Gender of knowledge, “said Holcomb. “Don’t chase more than 17,000 city officials or school board officials. You may be prompted to run for a day and speak up someday. Don’t push them down and deprive them of your rights.”

Mayor Bobby Dyer and Deputy Mayor Rosemary Wilson supported Holcomb in opposition to including the request in the legislature.

Rouse’s other suggestions would, in some cases, target some of the council members who spent almost half of their lives sitting on the pedestal.

“The city council requires the General Assembly to begin the process of modifying Virginia
Constitution allowing the General Assembly to impose term restrictions on the Virginia City Council
“Beach at the request of the area”, the packet draft reads.

Rouse posted on Facebook, believing that the council should limit its four-year term to a few times. Under these conditions, half of the current council is not eligible to serve.

The city council will host a hearing on the legislative agenda in the council’s meeting room on Tuesday at 6 pm. Voting is not scheduled until November.

Rouse did not respond to 10 On Your Side’s request for an interview, but revealed his intentions at a council workshop.

“If it’s the body’s will not to accept this legislative package, it’s perfectly fine,” Rouse said. “I will sponsor the Senate and the General Assembly to implement this bill, so it’s perfectly fine whether or not I accept it.”

Besides, Holcomb snapped back. Mayor, if we’re going to take that approach, if we’re going to freelance everything in the city, why do we have a legislative agenda? “

Mr. Rouse replied: “This approach was that because we weren’t even publicly commented and you already said we wouldn’t happen.”

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Virginia Beach councilman wants state to allow for local term limits, ban on city workers holding office Source link Virginia Beach councilman wants state to allow for local term limits, ban on city workers holding office

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