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Virginia Beach schools eliminating COVID quarantine for high school students – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-12-02 19:09:25 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Virginia Beach City Public School is changing its COVID-19 quarantine policy. Beginning Monday, December 6, high school students will no longer need to be quarantined if exposed to a person who tests positive for the coronavirus.

The school district worked with the Virginia Beach Health Department to make the decision.
Interim Health Director Dr. Nancy Welch provided WAVY with local data. Data specific to Virginia Beach show that it is safe and that children are greatly benefiting from learning at school.

“The data show that we can safely walk that path and keep our children in school. This is very important … very important by eliminating the quarantine,” Welch said. rice field.

According to local data, COVID-19 is not very popular in high schools on the beach.

Virginia Beach Health District School Epidemiologist Jocillin Binkley explained the changes.

“It’s a very low rate, as less than 1% of people exposed at school test positive, and in fact only .07%,” she said.

“We believe this is largely due to the high vaccination coverage of this group in Virginia Beach, which is over 60%,” added Binkley.

Approximately 800 students are absent from class this year due to quarantine, and school officials say it could cost student scholars.

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“These individuals lacked on average five days of face-to-face instruction,” VBPS Chief of Staff Don Robertson told WAVY. He also said that being in school also benefits their mental health. “They are much happier when students go to school, interact with peers, and do such things.”

Students and staff must continue to wear masks, and health authorities will continue contact tracing and tracking of new Omicron variants.

Welch said he wasn’t concerned about Omicron variants as far as the new policy was concerned.

“Masking prevents transmission,” she said.

Quarantine remains at that level, as middle school and primary school infection rates are higher than in high school.

Health officials say they will continue to track their immunized numbers in younger children and
Along with data from high school, they assess whether the quarantine of younger children will also be suspended.

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Virginia Beach schools eliminating COVID quarantine for high school students Source link Virginia Beach schools eliminating COVID quarantine for high school students

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