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Virginia Beach Schools superintendent preparing in case vaccine mandate issused for teachers – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-09-15 18:18:00 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — After a week of the new semester, students and staff will return to their daily lives.

Wearing masks is becoming a habit, and Dr. Aaron Spence, director of Virginia Beach City Public School, is pleased with how everyone is in compliance.

He told WAVY Wednesday morning that the biggest challenge he sees is keeping the door open.

The school district has reported 121 COVID-19 cases since September 1, a small percentage of the school district’s 65,000 students and 7,000 staff, Spence said.

“The important thing is that the transmission of getting a COVID did not occur in our building in most cases because we are implementing a safe mitigation strategy,” he said. ..

Vaccine investigations will be conducted on staff sometime this week or next week, Spence said. It will be voluntary and anonymous.

“I want to know [whether] there [are] Schools with few vaccinated staff may be able to plan for some of the challenges of these contingencies that may arise due to the quarantine that may occur in the building. There is, “he said.

Spence said the Virginia Department of Education is also seeking vaccination information. He believes that under the Biden administration’s vaccine program, shots may soon be mandated by teachers.

“I’m not making any assumptions because we’re still trying to understand it and haven’t got any guidance or regulation about it, but there are some signs that may come down from the federal government. I can say, “Spence explained.

In his understanding, federal obligations may apply to state K-12 employees operating under the state-wide OSHA plan. Virginia is one of those states.

Spence also told 10 On Your Side about the shortage of school bus drivers.

Virginia Beach has lost 128 drivers since last year.

“I am very proud and amazed at our transportation team for the work they are doing to provide transportation to students in that environment. I am also very proud of it. We are very proud of our community and our parents who showed extraordinary elegance and patience last week or so while resolving. “

Spence said after hearing it Massachusetts activates National Guard to drive students and he has his first conversation With some state-level people — but he hasn’t answered anything about it.

A spokesperson for the National Guard said there was no request at this time to help with the shortage of bus drivers.

Governor Ralph Northam has no plans to summon them, according to the Governor’s Office.

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Virginia Beach Schools superintendent preparing in case vaccine mandate issused for teachers Source link Virginia Beach Schools superintendent preparing in case vaccine mandate issused for teachers

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