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The new service is currently available and users are encouraged to switch before the migration date. June 30th.

Information Technology Services is migrating university virtual private network (VPN) services from Cisco’s AnyConnect client to Palo Alto’s GlobalProtect service. The new service is currently available and users are advised to switch before the transition date of June 30th.

A VPN creates a secure connection to your NU network, giving you remote access to restricted campus resources in the same way that your device is physically on campus. You may need to use a VPN to access your university’s internal computer systems, such as research workstations, file shares, and web applications.

Starting Monday, June 21, ITS will automatically install GlobalProtect on all ITS managed devices that currently have Cisco AnyConnect installed, and users will migrate to GlobalProtect before the Cisco AnyConnect service ends at the end of the month. Allows you to see the functionality. On July 9th, the AnyConnect client will be automatically uninstalled from the ITS managed device.


If you want to download GlobalProtect now, or if you’re working on a device that isn’t managed by ITS, you can find a new client in your computer’s Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac).

Manual installation

The client can also be installed manually.

  1. visit
  2. When you submit your TrueYou credentials, the page loads and is in the upper right corner of the screen[GlobalProtectエージェント]Click to see the option to download the VPN software.

  3. From that link, select the required software version for your device and install the client.

  4. After installation, open the GlobalProtect app and enter your portal address

Additional Information

For more information on using a VPN NUITS website.. If you need assistance, please contact the following ITS:

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Changes to Take Effect June 30 | News Source link Virtual Private Network (VPN) Changes to Take Effect June 30 | News

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