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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-06-16 05:00:04 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Great Park Pursuit started in 2008 and has just grown. You are invited to join in exploring Nebraska and perhaps win some prizes.

Tracy Stratman is the chairman of the Nebraska Recreation Park Association. Pursuit of Great Park..

Stratman says, “I’m really trying to get people out and explore the hidden gems in their backyard” while they’re challenging.

There are 20 posts in the park State-wide.. Some are in the Omaha Metro area. You sign up online, find the park, read clues, make an impression of your post, and mail it to your paper.

You can use them too Mobile app, Although they advise that there were some issues with the app.

These etches and photos are important because they allow you to participate in a draw for impressive awards, including the $ 1,500 Grand Prize for Outdoor Equipment.

You don’t have to find all 20 posts, but prizes and participation in the draw are based on the number of traces you collect.

The Great Park Pursuit will be held until September and is open to attend anytime. Last year, more than 1,000 teams participated. Teams vary in size.

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Visit Nebraska parks with the Great Park Pursuit Source link Visit Nebraska parks with the Great Park Pursuit

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